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Thursday, April 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-04-09 12:00:00 - Spherical metal object descends out of cloud and lands on tree. proceeds to inspect ir security cameras before hovering and taking off

I live in los angeles, ca. where everyone is reaching for the stars, but never seem to stop to just look at the sky. i recently installed two, 1080p infrared security cameras on my roof and pointed them north and south recording 24/7 as a means to settle a debate between myself and some friends regarding what is really in our skies and to prove that readily available technology can help remove a lot of the doubts people have in regards to ufo's and their presence. i immediately began gathering convincing footage even faster than i had imagined. the first few days i pulled were orbs, some shooting disc like objects far out in space, and generally as much as i ever expected to get. but as i scanned the second round of footage a week or so after installation, i caught a very interesting encounter that occurred on april 9th, 2017 at noon. this encounter involved what seems to be some sort of robotic drone-scout that was likely sent by a larger ship, possibly cloaked in the clouds, to investigate my ir cameras (all complete conjecture on my part obviously). the object, which seems to be a small, metallic, spherical object about twice the size of a basketball, fell from an abnormal hole in the cloud cover passing overhead. the object descends to my street and sets down in a neighbors tree, that it quickly uses to slide down to the ground and disappear from camera view. i believe that at this time it continues along the ground to my house and proceeds to inspect my cameras. i say this because about 2 minutes later the foreground image in the recording starts to vibrate and shake.I have noticed this happens whenever any sort of ufo is nearby or about to pass. the trees and any other objects in the foreground begin to vibrate and shake wildly, looking as if they are detached from the landscape. it really freaks my wife out watching it. at this point, the object scales back up the tree and hops over to the light pole disappearing and reappearing in thin air mid jump (possibly just a pixel glitch??). it then seemingly "leaps" into the air and hovers, spinning like a spiraling football for about 5 seconds before ascending straight up about 20 feet and hovering again for a few moments. it then begins to swiftly fly to the left (west)- up out of frame without any change in bodily direction or orientation. my range of emotions has run the gamut with this recording. initially i was excited and couldn't wait to show everyone. that soon faded to cautious and at times slightly regretful as the reality set in that this thing literally flew out of a cloud and all the way to my house to inspect my set up (i think) and scope out what i was doing and i assume find out why i was watching or who i was and if i pose a threat. the clouds visible in the infrared spectrum on this day were some of the most unusual i have caught on infrared. one cloud especially jumps out that you can see in the film, dead center when the object is reappearing. since this encounter, my house has begun to be visited by much larger, saucer shaped craft which i will report and upload video of separately. the most recent lasted for almost 20 minutes.

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Credit: MUFON

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