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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Miami, Florida on 2017-03-21 00:00:00 - This was the result of a five minute summoning

In the above information list i have inputed only the first of 13 confirmed sightings in a period of two weeks, all the result of simple summoning techniques as prescribed on youtube by several individuals. the first - as imputed above - was a silvery orb coarsing the sky. the next was that same afternoon; a shining orb (possibly silvery too) which toggled throughout the above clouds which i summoned with a friend who witnessed. this one appeared at a higher elevation than the earlier in the s x se sky at approx 5 pm. also summoned with a ten day period were: **two sepsrste ebani appearances (three together were red and looked like semi-inflated mylar baloons, and one on another occasion was green, elongated, and shining with an undulating drift). all these were strait coursing from e to w. **there were as well several white orbs. on one occasion captured on cell phone vid were three of this type in a triad formation (see submitted video below), **one strait coursing dark orb at night which turned around and went away, **a pulsar-bursting orb in a stormy night sky which emitted a plasma-like field which sucked in on itself leaving a fast fading dark spheric impression, **one low-flying, strait-course, toggling white transluscent orb, **and one flashing object of unknown shape (possibly had an appendage) which came from the n x nw sky and slowly approached our location directly overhead until disappearing in the clouds. there were a few others which may have been actual too but were seen only in perifory and for a brief moment. my viewing area is not so good; there's a fair amount of tree obstruction. i have four solid witnesses - plus two weak ones - to these events. we were all elated. as i ponder the implications of these occurences, i've only just begun to digest and perceive the magnitude of it and how i am to be affected. to be clear though, i am not a theist and do not pertain to any religious doctrine. no religious or sacred name invocation was involved in these events.

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Credit: MUFON

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