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Saturday, April 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Langley, British Columbia on 2017-04-29 22:15:00 - This was a brown color and i barely noticed it. it was moving around 5 mph and was silent. it would hover for 1 second and continue moving, i saw it hover 3 times.

I was outside of my apartment building walking my dog. i was just looking up at the starts and caught an object that looked like a dark brown, it may have been a bit transparent, perhaps cloaked. i have never seen something like this object before and i had no idea what it was, i was baffled and didn't really believe i was seeing it. the object was moving at a steady speed from east to west around 5 mph or so..Under 10 mph. it was completely silent and when it was over my apartment building it seemed to pause or for example when and object moves fast it leaves a tracer...Only way i can think to describe it. and it paused 3 times that i saw and just kept moving on same path out of sight. i had the feeling of not believing what i saw. i thought perhaps it was some kind of remote controlled object maybe but it was completely silent and it made those strange movements/pauses while moving that made no sense to any kind of normal movements for aircraft or remote control toys. i am still in disbelief. i told my friends and of course they say it was a remote controlled object...I know it wasn't. it had to have been around 30 feet wide, shaped like a boomerang but with more curves and some patterns and or windows on the body of it. it was dark outside around 10:15 pm and quite honestly i did not believe what i saw, i was confused, i did not try to chase after it to look more after it passed over the building. i just said out loud to myself "what the hell did i just see"? the best i can describe the shape is kind of like a pterodactyl but without the head,feet and tail and it had patterns and or windows on it and was dead silent.

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Credit: MUFON

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