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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Youngstown, New York on 2012-03-31 00:00:00 - Friends and i enjoying a bonfire in forest one night, we heard object flying around and hovering closely above us. we never saw it.

In a very rural area near youngstown, new york, my boyfriend and a few of our friends(about 6) gathered in the back woods of one of our friends properties to have a bonfire which he commonly had. i'm not sure of the exact time, but it had to have been around 1am because we had started the fire right after dark in mid spring, and we'd been hanging out there for a few hours in the darkness before this incident occurred. it might be worth noting that about an hour before this incident occurred, my friends and i ventured out of the woods into the large open empty field beyond the forest to gaze at the stars for several minutes before going back to the campfire. (we did not notice anything strange at that time though.) all of us were sitting/standing around the fire and talking, laughing, etc when i started to hear "something" in the sky. for the first second i thought nothing of it, but it almost instantaneously got very very loud and sounded very very close (about 2 blocks away). i can't describe or understand how it got so close so fast. we were in a very rural area away from airports or city commotion so one would expect to hear any vehicle approaching from far away before it sounded as close as it did sound. there was no sound of anything approaching until it was that close. my friends heard the same noise which was so odd and disrupting that it caused us all to stop talking and look around at one another slightly puzzled. i remember my boyfriend joking "what is that, a flying lawnmower?" it was a very good description of the sound. none of us had an explanation for the sound, it was very obviously not commonplace. it also sounded like it was very low in the sky , just a few hundred feet maybe. the loudness and closeness of the sound gave me that impression. it sounded unlike any commercial airplane i've heard. i thought of the possibility of a small private plane but it sounded so low for so consistently long that i no longer thought that was possible after a few minutes. the sound also sounded just completely unlike any regular engine i've heard but familiar in some ways as well. at first this sound kept going slightly farther away and then coming closer as if it were going back and forth in a straight line, maybe about the distance of a block, that was perpendicular to our location. that was when one of my friends suggested that it could be a streetsweeper. but everyone including myself and the property owner thought it sounded like it was in the air. (also i had lived around that area for 5 years and never heard of or seen a street sweeper whatsoever. i am not sure they're even used on these very rural roads outside of town.) the sound continued for about 5 minutes and then it sounded as if it were constantly changing direction. it was moving around, kind of randomly at first, a lot. i couldn't hear a pattern to decipher what is was trying to do or where it was going at first. but then it started sounding as if it were flying a circle around us that tapered-in closer and closer to us each rotation like a spiral. it was clearly in the sky above us, tree-top level. and it was obviously it was circling our general location (which is just forest). these actions continued for an additional 5 minutes until the object sounded like it was right over our location above the canopy. it sounded like it hovered there for several seconds or a minute before moving away and eventually stopped, ,though this exact information is foggier than the rest for some reason. i cant remember how it left or what it sounded like when it did leave. i cant remember if it abruptly stopped or sounded like it flew away from the area completely like a common airplane would do. i don't remember exactly what happened after it sounded like it was above us. only in writing this report am i realizing i don't remember that exact part. since none of us had any answers and nothing had actually resulted from the sound, we just got back to our regular socializing/bonfire activities after the sound went away and after discussing for a few minutes how odd that all was. i'd also like to mention that none of us did anything when this whole thing was happening, we continued to sit/stand in our positions around the campfire and we just were basically waiting to figure out what was happening while looking at each other, and up in the air, confused. during this whole experience i had started to get a little anxious when the sound continued for more than the initial few minutes and got more anxious as it drew even closer to us. i was a bit worried and scared when i realized that the object sounded like it was changing direction with virtually no effort. and that it seemed to be circling around our location. the sound was going on for so long without anyone being able to rationalize it, that i did eventually feel like i was just sitting waiting for "something to happen," a very suspenseful feeling. (i would also like to note that i'm getting anxiety writing this report having to mentally go back to that night.) i did definitely think "ufo. aliens." and we all suggested that possibility during this, though hesitantly and with an "oh that's silly, haha, hopefully we're joking" kind of attitude. we were all unsettled by it. i also remember wondering if this was some sort of new police drone investigating what was going on with our bonfire in the woods. this is an area near niagara falls and the boarder to canada, so i thought maybe boarder patrol would have technology like drones or something. i also am aware that there is some type of air force base in the general niagara falls, n.Y. area. i was trying to rationalize what i heard but it was very hard to do so. none of us ever saw lights in the sky of any kind. another friend who was there did also suggest the drone possibility. it was the best answer that any of us came up with. this was suggested based on the elevation (tree-top), lack of lights, lack of ascent, apparent interest in our specific random location and activities, and amazing capacity to seemingly move in any direction at any moment, at slow to very fast speeds, without ever seeming to ascend or descend. none of us could ever see anything, though we were under pretty thick canopy of trees where we couldn't even really see stars. and we were around a decently sized bonfire which probably contributed to our night-blindness. the final thing i would like to mention here is to make note of what happened less than 12 hours after this event when i went back to my place of residence. i had a contact experience with an actual entity. i am going to make an additional report about that after i place this one. i'm putting them in two separate reports because i can't directly relate them to one another and i have no proof that they are related except for the "alien" aspect of both events and the close proximity of time in which they occurred. they are very different events though, which, again, is why i'm separating the reports.

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