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Monday, April 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Kansas City, Kansas on 1976-08-01 21:00:00 - I saw two white lights ahead, thought they were street lights untill one of the lights zigzagged up into the sky.

I have seen unidentified objects on four different ocassions when i was younger. perhaps because i spent a lot of time outdoors.To see three of these cases look up case number 82672 on mufon. i feel somewhat hesitant to tell this fourth story. it was 1976, or maybe early to mid 1977. i lived on riverview ave, between 9th and 10th streets in kansas city, kansas. back then i thought it was riverview street, not avenue. i was in my twenties. my son about three. my dad lived on the next street over. i could go up the alley to his house. one night about 9pm i decided towalk up the alley to my dad's. it was dark outside. i carried my son. as i was walking up the alley, up ahead i noticed two white lights that i thought where street lights, about half a block away straight up the alley. i didn't think anything of the lights, thought it was street lights. then all of the sudden one of the white lights quickly zigzagged , swaying side to side, up into the sky. it's hard to judge how far up into the sky. about fifty to 60 feet or so. i was shocked that a light i'd thought was a street light suddenly zigzagged up into the sky. then the white light came down the alley toward us. from east to west. i started walking fast back down the alley. the light was coming toward me fast in the alley. the light was white , about the size of a basketball, or about eleven inches across. i heard no noise. it was chasing me down the alley. it was scaring me. i keep walking fast to get backto my place. i was keeping ahead of it. it stayed about fifty feet or less behind me. i am sure it could have easily over taken me, if it had wanted to. i made it back to my back yard, and i walked across my back yard to the back corner of my house. it was night, dark. when i got to the back corner of my house, only then did i stop, turn around look for it. it had turned it's light off. i was looking at the dark night sky trying to see it. for a few seconds looking at the dark night sky i didn't hear or see anything. then i heard a very light low engine sound. i could tell from the sound it had went on past me down the alley, and it had turned and was going south toward central avenue. it flew over houses toward the end of the block going south, but it stayed back aways from the larger 10th street. i went in the house, shook up. i didn't have a phone, so used someone elses phone. the only place i could think of to report it was an airport in kcmo. i called there told a guy what i had just saw. he said their from mars. it made me feel even worse after having just been tramautized chased down the alley by i don't know what, and i thought he was making fun of me, didn't believe me. next i called reported it to police in kck. they didn't at that time send a car out. a day or two later my dad said he had seen police in the alley looking around. my dad looked puzzled about it. i didn't tell my dad i had called police, and i didn't tell my dad that something with a white light had chased me down the alley either. because i didn't think he would believe me. i am convinced what i saw was not a small airplane. i don't see how it could have been a helicopter. i don't think a helicopter could hover silently. i have tried years to do some research if there is helicopters that are silent to very little noise. i still don't know the answer to that. whatever i saw that night when it turned flew south, the low engine sound did not sound like a helicopter engine. it sounded a lot smoother then a helicopter engine and the engine noise was much more quieter then a helicopter. everything i've typed here is true. i wish i'd never seen things like this encounter and my three other encounters i listed in case 82672.

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Credit: MUFON

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