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Monday, April 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lubbock, Texas on 2016-10-12 18:30:00 - It was traveling through the clouds with out disturbing the clouds

I had, 5 min. before, just witnessed someone for see the future and it had come true. we had sat down for diner. my intuission asked me if i wanted to see something that was stainger than for seeing the future. if i did quit staring through the glass table and look at the reflextions on the glass. the mini blinds were shut but i could still see through the gaps between the slats. i noticed something white cross one of the openings in the slats. i got up and went out the garage door and looked up. i had left the door open to the house and asked my wife not to say anything and come to me. because i had asked her to come to me she said ok real loud and my granddaughter followed her, just what i didn't want to happen. it was white and had a shape like an oragomy, nothing aerodinamic. it was traveling through the clouds and not disturbing them. it wasn't traveling very fast, like a helocopter. with out a sound we were all looking at it when my grenddaughter said see was scared. i told her it was all right that it was an angel. we all went inside to get her away from what we were seeing. i left the date blank (it made me put a date, it was the end of last years baseball season) but i can tell you what happened that day nationally so you can get the date. it was a wenusday. i had told my wife the previos saterday that teboe had hit a home run, his first at bat and at the first pitch. i had also gone to work that monday and told 3 people at work the same thing. it didn't happen until the following wenusday. my feelings just another strange thing in my life. my wife she didn't know what to think. i did however just talked to her about it yesterday and she asked how i knew it was there. i told her my intuision had made me look. my granddaughter she was scared

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Credit: MUFON

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