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Saturday, April 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Millard (now Omaha), Nebraska on 1970-05-31 00:00:00 - Observed "highlights in the sky flying in a straight line from strategic air command near bellevue nebraska north to millard nebraska for 25 minutes reported by local tv station ketv channel 7 with 5,000 witnesses between march 18, 1969 and june 1971.

I arrived home in the late afternoon and after parking my car i noticed my mom and younger brothers looking out the kitchen window. i thought they were looking at me as i arrived home and waved to them. they did not wave back. i proceeded into the house and my mom said, "come here and look at at this". as i looked out of of dinning room window facing south on the horizon i saw what appeared to be a pair of headlights in in sky coming at me. as the lights reached the point where they appeared to be just a couple of blocks away (growing in brightness as they approached) they suddenly vanished. there was no profile of a airplane that had turned and the vanishing lights were abrupt. my mom said, "look at the horizon". i did and there were the lights approaching again. i watched with my mom and siblings for twenty minutes as the "headlights in the sky" would travel in a straight line from the southern horizon near sac airforce base in bellevue nebraska north towards my house in millard nebraska for 20 minutes. as the lights traveled towards us they became brighter and when they appeared to be just a couple of blocks away they disappeared. as quick as i could move my eyes back to the southern horizon the lights were already there coming north towards us. when the lights disappeared there was no profile visible as though a plane had banked away. as quick as my eyes could go from the lights that had just disappeared to the southern horizon the lights were already visible coming north towards us. at no time could i shift my eyes from the disappearing light down the block to the southern horizon and "beat the light" to the horizon. that night on the local news (i believe the news anchor was gary kerr) it was reported that 5,000 people had witnessed the "lights in the sky" over southwest omaha. we never called in to report our sighting. i'm a 39 year veteran of law enforcement and currently the chief of investigators for a state attorney general's office. this incident occurred between march 1969 and june of 197 and was reported locally by the news media.

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Credit: MUFON

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