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Sunday, April 9, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Paramus, New Jersey on 2016-09-26 00:00:00 - Abduction experience revealed by obvious activation of implantable device

I have a very strange story and for the sake of not appearing to be a lunatic i will leave many specifics out of my account. i am a 31 year old male. i have learned that i am an abductee i believe from early childhood. there is at least one microchip on in or near a nerve on the left side of my anus. i believe it to be shaped like a granual maybe the size of a piece of sand. this thing i believe was inserted to make me miserable and feel sick. it has perceptual agumentative capability and was activated 6 months ago in an attempt to drive me insane. the area hurt and as i refused to allow the situation to cause me to take action that would have me committed its location was revealed due to its intensity. i have broken the area down manually and a small cyst had formed in the area as a result of its presence. its effect has greatly been altered as a result of my manipulating it and i am able to deal with it quietly. i am seeking assistance in having it removed and documented. i have come to learn about psychotropics, gwen, elf and mk ultra and similar accounts that validate my belief regarding its purpose. the thing that makes this so unusual is that i know its location and am afraid to cut it out because it's several centimeters understand my flesh. i have no formal education and due to my interests in government conspiracies i believe this was a strategic political attempt to discredit what i believe. this also demonstrates a connection between the abduction phenomonon and collaboration between the extraterrestrial agenda and the government. i would like someone to take a chance on my testimony because your assistance would allow for the possibility of extracting an alien artifact with quantum processing capabiliry. i do not know if a preliminary exam would detect it with standard technology as i have no way of knowing the substance it is made with. i need professional support with this because the conditions of my current situation make it impossible to discuss the openly. this is a crime against humanity and if this thing can be extracted the potential to detect it in others could potentially save people in the future. a well know dr. by the name of dr. john hall from texas lectures around the world on these atrocities being committed on individuals. but once again i've found no evidence of anyone knowing the location of the device and many conclude it to be remotely conduccted. perceptual augmentation was the term i came up with because it's the only description i could find that would be devoid of connotations related to mental illness. then i typed that term in google and discovered that my description is a term used by the cia and related to the project stargate operation. i have no recollection of any abduction experience but there is no other conceivable way that a chip could have been inserted in that location unaware to me. please feel free to refer this account to anyone interested and have them contact me. i am suffering everyday trying my best to ignore it and need help. i believe it to be a potential breakthrough should i be taken seriously. a minor surgical procedure could remove it. eventually if necessary i am going to try to forced it out with a syringe but it's not easy to directly locate but the circumference of the area is about 2 or 3 centermeters 1 to 2.5 centermeters deep. this is not a joke anyone willing to get involved is welcome. thank you and god bless

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Credit: MUFON

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