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Friday, April 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 1972-02-01 00:00:00 - A ufo at nellis a fb, nevada

In 1972 i lived in las vegas, nevada. i was a divorcee with 4 children. a friend and i went up into this area by nellis a fb and we're target practicing with soft feather darts. we came in off another road and we hiked to a spot. we heard a noise and went to investigate. there in a fenced area was a huge ufo- it was surrounded by men with machine guns dressed in military uniforms. (my friend told me they were machine guns as i would not know) there were big lights on it the type you see on football fields. he was a photographer -i want to say for the sun times but i'm not certain on this name. he always had his camera with him and he shot pictures of it. i remember asking where is this -it was in a metal fence enclosure and there were buildings there. he said this is back side of nellis afb- he was very excited -i was in shock -we went back how we came- and immediately went to his newspaper where he worked. he called the head guy sorry cannot remember his name- he said we are going to run it on the first page. we were there a long time and he gave me 3 copies of the newspaper with the picture of this ufo. i don't recall how i got home i had called my sitter and said i'd be very late or early evening morn. the next morn i called my neighbor and asked her if she got the paper with ufo picture- she said there is no picture of any ufo -i said well i have 3 copies i'llc show you. when i went to get they were gone. i called my friend it said #disconnected. i called the paper the girl said no one there by that name. i went to his apt it was empty! i never heard from him again! i was terrified and never told anyone -told my friend it was a dream. but it was not! i am 69 years old and even now have only told a handful of people. it still scares me. and worse i cannot remember his name! in fact not long after some stuff faded from my mind. but never what i have written here.

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Credit: MUFON

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