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Monday, April 3, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Sandia Park, New Mexico on 2000-06-01 01:30:00 - I reportedly vanished in the middle of the night without a trace and woke up facing the wrong way in my sleeping bag

My cousins used to come from out of state to visit us when i was young. i was about 7 at the time. we lived in a large, old house with real wooden doors which were very loud and very heavy. the cousin closest to my age (he was probably 10 or 11) and i would sleep in sleeping bags in the living room while his parents used my bed and his older brothers used the guest room. on one such night my cousin had awoken during the night (he recounted the next morning) because he heard a high pitched humming similar to the noise you hear before fainting. he had discovered me missing. i wasn't in my sleeping bag nor was anyone in the restroom or kitchen. he quietly poked around to look. he also said he remembers lightening flashes and feeling electricity in the air which made his hair stand on end. i told him i didn't remember getting up to go anywhere at all, though i woke up with my head in the foot end of the sleeping bag with a painful "bug bite" at the base of my skull in the back. being young i remembered nothing of this until fairly recently. i have noticed when in a natural body of water such as a lake, if i am submerged to my chin i can hear a faint clicking or ticking noise coming from within the base of my skull. it is also worth noting i am always very congested in one of my nostrils but always in my throat. i also get these "spasms" for lack of a better word. i get a weird tickling biting feeling that starts in my upper neck and rolls to my right shoulder causing me to "short circuit" as my husband calls it. my head curls in toward my right shoulder which curls up toward my ear. my head shakes a little as does the shoulder. it always seems to happen unprovoked. despite being constantly congested i have a very accute sense of smell. sometimes when out in the open i get this all consuming urge to run in a certain direction (i never have for fear of what i might run to!) being so young i cannot remember if it was before or after this event but i remember lying in my actual bed on my stomach (my usual way of sleeping) and awakening suddenly. i could feel the presence of men around me, i could almost hear what they were saying but their voices seemed far off or just barely inaudible. i couldn't move to look at them or to do anything else really. i felt like i was being pinched and prodded maybe cut.. zapped sometimes even. all of it seemed like it should hurt but for some reason i was comfortable with it rather than frightened. the mumbling was reassuring even though i couldn't make it out. shortly thereafter, maybe a few days have passed, i wake up on my back which is highly unusual. i'm not a back sleeper. not only that but i'm upside down again with my head under the covers at the foot of the bed, feet on my pillow. after i realize where i am i crawl back up to the proper position and am immediately struck by the same immobility i mentioned previously. two large eyes, not a whole face or even a head just eyes, were floating right in my line of sight. i believe they were black but they might have been navy; solid though not only the iris. i remember hearing a word whispered. it sounded like it was coming from within my own head, but not in my own voice. it was a raspy voice that just said "remember... remember...Remember..." i was scared this time and struggling to make noise or break free from the paralysis but i could not. eventually i just thought "i will! i'll remember!" and the eyes were gone and i was no longer paralyzed or afraid.

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Credit: MUFON

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