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Saturday, April 22, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Gardendale, Alabama on 2001-01-14 00:00:00 - A blue traingle silent, not moving almost directly overhead, in the daytime behind a cloud

I walked outside my home to check the mail and noticed a slight shadow overhead almost directly above me! i am sure most people could not see it driving by in their car. it was about 2 in the afternoon and in fact most of my neighborhood is at work. the children are at school. what was so obvious was that there was a beautiful and large white/blue cloud overhead. and when i think about it it was the same kind of cloud on many different days. i first noticed it in year 2001. but if one were to actually stare at this cumulous cloud carefully, a very large triangle with very sharply defined edges was there! it was silent. i had other things to do so i went on with my life. this repeated over and over i would see it for weeks in the afternoon,it would stay there all afternoon long and i would not see it at allup until the fall of the year 2014. then i joined on facebook, the global chem trail watch group. one day, about two years ago, some one was monitering me and noticed that i was on facebook. they typed in a personal message to just me!!!! the message read below the small photo they sent to me: "can you see what is behind the cloud? did you see this?!!!!!!?!!!!!!?????? and it was a photo from somewhere in florida of this same blue triangle. how did "they" know me???? and i have never told this story to any one nor thought about taking photos of it. "did you see this!" was the question from out of nowhere! i have not seen it since the fall of 2014 when my 97 year old father passed away. so these records are on facebook, if you know how to get them, or if they are censored in some way i do not know. they are a message to me on the global chem trail skywatch. that is the photo.

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Credit: MUFON

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