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Thursday, April 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Omaha, Nebraska on 2016-10-11 03:30:00 - Heard object coming near me over shoulder-very low & gone-saw way up in sky crazy light changing and reflecting off something invisible interacting with others

At 3 a.M. on 10-11-16 i was asleep and my dog woke me for a walk. i got dressed and went out, something told me to get my photo gear (strong feeling) so i went back in and got it. walked over bridge and laid camera on ground facing up to randomly shoot stars. heard plane-like sound over left shoulder-it was coming from the s.E. directly towards me.For a couple seconds thought it was a very low flying plane until it got closer - not a plane! it was see-through but lit with all kinds of playful lights inside and out like a merry-go-round. it was very fast & by this time it was about 3:20 a.M. - i shot off 3 or 4 photos and it was gone. it was so low & shape shifting -in photos you can see the trees. i was trippin'! told my dog to run - we went to the highest ground, the park to find it. looked all over for it and was no where visible to me. checked up in sky and noticed the south (way up with the stars) a light object moving around in a very un-natural way and began shooting the light object doing acrobats in the sky...As i shot i noticed a light to the east seeming to interact with the big one to the south. then a light to the west doing the same. no idea if this was one very enormous in size or different ufo's interacting. i say ufo because i can not identify what it is that i was witnessing/photographing. the photographs speak for themselves - it was too unusual to put words to this event. it looked like dna strands almost the colors are amazing and the reflections throughout the frame are mind boggling - the "main" one leaves reflections of itself sometimes many reflects and some just one time... not refractions but identical reflections or echoes...??? please let me know what you think. then as i was continually shooting something - a light thing too, enters the frame, cruises past the main one then stretches out and connects with the main one and seems to absorb the main - it turns into ?? fun dances of light or symbols of light?? and it has points of light - red, green & blue - the blue seems to cast a shadow down on itself making this thing massive!! then it suddenly turns back into the main structure again..I shot until i ran out of room on my sd card - it was 5 a.M. - i ran home, downloaded what i shot, went back out and it was getting light out...I could not see anything in the sky at this time... i am attaching a few of the photographs - the time listed for each shot is not correct because i had only borrowed the camera a week earlier and did not realize the time had not been set correctly. like i said, it occurred around 3:30 a.M. thru 5 a.M. approx. but the date is indeed correct. thank you for reading my encounter - i can not wait to have experts tell me what they feel this absolutely trippy encounter could possibly be!! take care - peace to all!

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Credit: MUFON

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