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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Belleville, Michigan on 2017-04-08 08:00:00 - Strange star-like object in the sky

On the 4/8/2017, i was at my brother's house in belleville michigan having dinner with the family. after dinner, which was around 8:00 pm. my dad, brother and i went outside and were watching the planes fly over. we have always been very intrigued with aviation. my brother lives very close the detroit metro airport as well so we frequently find ourselves outside watching the planes landing and taking off. at the time there were about six jets flying in different directions and at various altitudes all with visible contrails. while we were standing in the driveway we noticed a jet flying from north to south at a very high altitude due to the contrails behind it. we started talking about it and was estimating it was moving around 500-700 mph at an altitude greater than 30,000 ft. they continued to talk to about planes while i surveyed the sky in curiosity. at this point, this is when i noticed a shiny star-like object just above the contrail the plane had just left. i stood there glued to this object because it seemed to not move nor did it look like a star, it was too shiny. i am always on the look out for strange events and decided i should take a photo. i tried retrieving my phone without taking my eyes away from it but i couldn't get my camera on my phone engaged, so i looked away. it only took a few seconds to get my camera ready and when i looked for the shining object i couldn't find it, which was strange. at this point, i asked my brother and dad if they had seen the star-like object above the contrail that i was looking at and they, unfortunately, didn't see it. my brother insisted that it was probably a satellite reflecting the sun. i told him that would be impossible because of the time of day and that the object wasn't moving at all, i personally just thought it was a star. so, i looked around for a few mins scanning the sky like some houdini just pulled a fast one on me. it was about three mins after i noticed it was gone that i took two photos, only one had something interesting. after i snapped the shots i looked on my phone and obviously didn't see anything. so, kind of blew it off for the rest of the night. it was after i got home and opened up the photos on my computer i noticed something after enlarging the photo, i had picked up two black triangles in the same location of the star like object that i had seen before. when i took this photo, all the planes had flown off and there were no birds in the sky that i could see. i also do not think that birds would be visible from the distance these objects are seen. if so, those are some big birds and we have a totally different story! i'm really happy to have picked up something because i was feeling a bit annoyed that i was the only person to have seen the object in the sky. now i have some sort of proof that i wasn't totally losing it, ha. i attached the original photo along with a copy with the red circles where the objects can be seen.

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Credit: MUFON

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