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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Oregon on 2017-04-23 22:45:00 - Help!!!!

It started a few nights ago where my roommate and myself had the exact same dreams then when i awoke i was on the floor and in his room he was under the blankets where it's tucked in and his feet on his pillows with his blankets/sheets still all tucked in. then last night 4/23/17 it was around 10:45pm and i had a strange feeling of being watched so i looked at our sliding door to something looking at me the running away. i caught just a glimpse to a humanoid figure without any type of clothing! my roommate and i thought it was a intruder at first so we were in hot persuit! as we got outside there was no sign of anything other than small foot print marks in our grass that just vanished (it flew off or something) as in no more indents in the grass! as it got later i grew reluctant to go to bed as this is my 2nd encounter with a entity, but i had work very early!! i awoke around 330am screaming from the most vivid unexplainable dream. about that time my roommate was in the next room hearing me freak out decided to use the bathroom and have a cig (he was unable to sleep due to what i saw earlier and the events a few nights prior) and as he opened the door he saw a little humanoid creature looking in the window he ran to turn on a light and it was gone! he stated he has never seen anything run as quickly as that little thing did! he then lost his nerve to smoke and retreated into his beadroom barricading his door! at that point her heard movement in the hall with his dof cowering and intently watching the door! i am freaking out and i need help! we both need help!!!!

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Credit: MUFON

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