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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Columbia, South Carolina on 2017-04-18 00:00:00 - Large object (larger than c130), bright lights that shifted color

At about 2400 hours i witnessed a bright white light hovering over a house in my neighborhood. i was sitting on my front porch listening to music and since i like to listen to aircraft passing i decided to pull my headphones off. the strange thing was that there was no sound. this light was hovering over that house for about a minute or so. the light was very bright but oddly enough not so bright that i couldn't look directly at it. i'm located in the columbia area and i could tell that i was facing north when looking at this object. that bright white light shut off. what replaced that bright white light was a green and red light pattern. it's difficult to explain but the lights appeared to be one and the same and yet separate at the same time. this craft still didn't move and i could tell because it didn't appear to be getting bigger or smaller. i couldn't make out the exact shape of the craft but i could tell it was big. it was like looking into the dark to see a blurry figure and you can't tell the exact shape but you can tell how big or small it was. this thing was huge. i'd say it was the size of a c130. about 20 seconds after the bright white light changed to the green and red light combination it shot off to the east at a speed that was ridiculous. this was weird because it went from a stand still to shooting off at such a fast speed. there was no build up to the speed. that kind of maneuver seems ridiculous because that has to be technology i've never seen before that allows an aircraft to go from a stand still hovering position to speeds i haven't seen fighter jets match. it didn't make sense how fast this thing was and yet there was still no sound. i couldn't believe what i saw so i stood up and looked around for neighbors. i spotted one such neighbor who happened to be an air force veteran and we talked a lot because i'm an army veteran. i asked him if he saw anything weird. he told me that for several nights he saw the same thing. he too said there was no sound to this aircraft he was witnessing. he said it didn't seem like a drone because drones don't move like what he saw and he thought it was weird he never heard any sounds coming from this object. i decided to call shaw air force base. i got in contact with the command post. they said they didn't fly anything over my area. they got me in contact with mcintyre air national guard base. they said it could have been an apache helicopter with "whistle mode" engaged. now i'm no expert on apache helicopters but i have ridden in one before and i've seen the so called "whistle mode" in action. that doesn't eliminate all sound nor does it explain the speed i saw. even the person i was speaking with couldn't explain why this thing was so unbelievably fast. i'm not sure what i saw. i don't know what i saw. i just know that i'm a combat veteran who was deployed to kandahar air field (kaf) and i've seen all sorts of aircraft. i've never seen anything like this before. that speed, the way the lights were so weird, the fact i heard nothing and the fact that the outline of this thing looked a heck of a lot bigger than an apache is something i cannot explain.

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Credit: MUFON

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