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Thursday, April 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-03-01 20:30:00 - A v shaped object about equal to the moon in size flew at 45 degrees to the horizon, for a little over a minute before it disappeared. object was very dark, with four dim opaque lights down either arm of the symmetrical v.

This is what i wrote down immediately afterward: "march 1st, 2017 tonight at around 8:30 pm at las angeles valley during my laboratory astronomy class , i and three other witnesses saw a ufo--unambiguously a structured craft. we were standing on the roof of the las angeles valley college astronomy/planetarium building, near one of the big telescope domes. we were using our $1,500 celestron alt azimuth telescopes. we started by observing the moon, first with 50 magnification and then 200...The next object we were to observe was the orion nebula (m-42). i was having a hard time getting a fix on it with my telrad, as the orion stars were quite dim...As i tinkered with the telescope, i called my professor over to get some help. suddenly, i heard the group behind me freaking out about an object in the sky. “what is that?!” etc. i quickly left my telescope and ran to them (they were right behind me) and asked them to point out the ufo. at first, i couldn’t see it. it was very faint, and the sky was dark. but as i looked, my eyes quickly dark adapted (dialated in about 10 seconds) and i could see it very clearly, unambiguously, it was there. my eyes had to dilate to properly see it (and i was looking right at it)--and once they did, i could see it so well i couldn't "unsee" it. a clear, structured craft, a perfect sharp v shape, clearly contrasted with the rest of the sky. the craft itself was very narrow, but the arms were at a very wide angle, like a “v” but turned on its side...A sideways v. a perfectly symmetrical boomerang like shape, with no body or midsection and sharp edges, turned sideways. i could clearly see the borders of it--it was a solid v shaped craft--not a v formation of objects, but one solid object. there were four big circles of light along each arm of the v, but no light at the tip. the light was a dim opaque white. the object was large considering its distance. the object wasn't particularly bright--it's surface was distinct, but dark and dull. if one were to draw a circle around it, the diameter of that circle would be greater than that of the moon (as viewed in the night sky). it was much larger than any regular airplane i’ve ever seen. flying very low, far too low to be a commercial aircraft... low enough that if it were an airplane it would’ve obvious. it moved at a staight path--45 degrees roughly from the horizon, going from west to east in direction for about a minute, before it was blocked from our vision by a tree in the foreground. it was moving rather slowly--slightly faster than a regular commercial airplane in the sky, but still quite slowly and visible--though it could have actually been moving slower than a commercial aircraft, but appeared to be moving faster because of it's lower path/closer proximity. its direction was from west to east, in a straight line path. it was “drifting”--if i had to use an adjective to describe it’s motion, i’d say it was “graceful”--it didn’t move like anything i’ve seen before.. when it was visible again, it was only a few seconds before it got dimmer and dimmer, and then disappeared...Like it was fading out, fading into the rest of the sky. almost as though it was “cloaking” or dematerializing. there wasn’t a sound...Silent as a mouse the entire time. my professor was tinkering with my telescope while all this was happening...We were freaking out, screaming “professor look at the ufo! look at it!” but he was completely oblivious and focused on finding the orion nebula and getting a fix with the telrad. the professor asked if it could’ve been a meteor or an airplane. it was very clearly neither one...If it was earthly in origin and some top secret craft, then it is very secret indeed because i’ve never seen anything like it." the next time the class met (1 week later), i collected signed testimony statements from two of the three other witnesses (asking, of course, that they do not read each other's statements so that the testimony is uncontaminated., with descriptions and sketches. some interesting corroborating details from one of the other witnesses (slightly paraphrased): "saw an object overhead, v shaped with dots lining the object's underside. the object was also almost opaque and difficult to see. it was maybe 30-50 ft in width, 20-30 ft in length, about 100-150ft overhead. moved very slowly, seemed to ascend as it moved further away. it was travelling at about 15 miles per hour. as it left, it became harder and harder to see. it was moving in a southwest direction". the testimony statements have sketches attached (i plan on showing them to whichever field investigator gets assigned to my case, and publicizing them in the final report).

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Credit: MUFON

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