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Monday, April 10, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Brighton, Michigan on 2017-04-09 22:05:00 - Three witnessed, 3 cloudy balls of light passing in front of the moon in formation! had to be massive!!!!

At approx.. 10:05 my father, my friend, and i were outside looking at the moon while i was describing the moon to them, when i first noticed one "cloudy" ball of light, about half the size of the moon, slowly passing underneath of the moon. then a second cloudy ball of light, and a third all in formation. which to means either there were 3 craft in formation or just 1 massive craft. but the crazy thing is you could only see it in the moon light as soon as it was passing on each side. only 1 of the 3 balls actually went in front of the moon it had almost seemed to refract, or absorb the moonlight. literally almost like a black hole passing i front of a start. it had to be at least 17000 feet in the air at the time and if it was one whole craft then this thing had to be a half mile, or third mile possibly in length. this thing was massive!! there is the hyne airport right by my house and it sure as hell was no plane. as it came about an inch from the moon each ball showed than unshowed itself as if sucking the moonlight out of the sky. very strange. i saw all three myself, my father saw only two and my friend saw only two balls. but i saw all three from beginning to end lasting only a mere twenty seconds maybe fifteen. but this is the fourth sighting my father has had two weeks but all his other sightings were different from this. thank you for your time!!

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Credit: MUFON

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