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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hammond, Louisiana on 2017-04-09 11:40:00 - Extremely bright light seen to between 3-4 min while traveling on interstate

We were traveling north on i-55 on sunday morning around 11:40 am it was a bright shiny morning not too many cars on the interstate yet. we rounded a. end and topped a small rise and that is when i first saw it. at this distance it was low to the horizon it was a silvery light so bright i could not stand to look at it. my son was doing something with his phone (playing a game most likely) when i made him sit up and asked him what is that? he tried to look at it as well but you cannot believe how bright this thing was.By now we had halved the distance to it we were traveling at a little above the speed limit maybe 75 or so mph it was i'm guessing about the size of a full size car if you were looking at one from above. it was so bright i just couldn't look at it straight on i had to look at a spot near it and see it out of the corner of my eye it looked almost like it was boiling and was like two circular masses and had a connector between them but they were closer together than what i picture as a barbell. the larger part was on top and the lower mass was probably 2 thirds or three fourths the size of the top. then i told my son to take a picture of it he said of what(my son is a high functioning autistic with asbergers) he said of what so i said of the ufo to which he said where and i pointed to it and said hurry! he held his phone up and i thought he was taking pictures or video of it for several seconds and asked are you getting good pictures and he said no i can't even see the ufo because of the shiny thing and i told him the shiny thing is the ufo which started a short argument as he told me that's not a ufo(i think he thought all ufos were flying saucers) anyway we topped the next rise and our view was obscured i intended to take the next exit and go back. it ended up the next exit was several miles down the road so i gave up and didn't go back. so even though i saw this for a few minutes i didn't get a picture. i have always wondered why people don't get get better pictures or have better recollections of what was going on at times like this and then i didn't even think to stop the car and video this.My best guess is at the closest we came to this it was maybe three or four hundred yards west of us and i'm guessing four or five times the height of the trees over the ground either hovering or moving very slowly as we passed it similarly as we were roadside signs. i couldn't believe what we were seeing it was very surreal that's why i was upset he hadn't gotten a picture and now i can't show any one what we saws were still hours from home and that's all i thought of since. however my son went right back to his phone and just moved on. there seemed to be a bright glow or reflection all around whatever this was and like i said you cannot believe how bright this was it left blue dots on your eyes even when you closed them if you know what i mean. i wold really like to know if anyone else saw this. thank you for your time

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Credit: MUFON

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