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Sunday, April 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Drums, Pennsylvania on 2014-07-07 20:10:00 - I took video and screenshot of lightning storm and what i see in pictures is amazing! lately crazy static and weird electric shocks are happening all day to me. but these pictures are almost 3 yrs old.

In early july my bf and i were on the back deck observing a great lightning storm with no rain. i got my phone laid on the bench and started to record.After watching it i sat and started to screen shot the lightning....What i saw in the pictures mystifies and amazes me.I thought nothing of it till recently my bf and i have noticed a bright light in the distance in the sky... not a star... it's there for like 20 minutes and just gone...I've seen this at least 3x ... the other day i got in my car and heard this noise....Static was coming from every speaker in my car!!! my key was in my hand! i started it up and could still hear the static with the music... i shut it off...Still static... then it just stopped...A few days later i went to my landlords house directly behind mine to see the animals...As i was petting roger ( a goat) i had a jolt of electric pass through my arm and hit the goat...He jumped and walked away... i asked and that fence was not electrified and i was standing on dry dirt. i'm constantly shocking everything i touch...People, dogs,and now goats... that was the strongest shock i've ever felt yet. there is farm land all around me and my landlord has taken pictures of crop circles ( she walks more than i) my dog doesnt bark hardly ever ( akitas tend not to) but every night he jumps with a whimper and a bark and goes straight to the window. please let me know if you think anything of this. thank you for your time. sincerely, suzanne oamil

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Credit: MUFON

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