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Friday, April 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Seaford, Delaware on 2006-05-15 21:01:00 - I have 2 events, one was multiple witnessed up close of craft in 2006 and other was i was abducted when i was about 7

It was a warm summer like night in mid may to maybe early june of 2006. my cousin an i were standing out in my dad's driveway just talking about life and what was in our future for we where about to graduate high school. well it was completely dark and it's in the country so when i say it's dark i mean it is dark! the only light there was came from a pole light in the driveway about 20 yards behind us to the north. well as we sat talking in the bed of my pick up truck facing south into the field, which the house/yard and large field about 300+ yards long is surrounded by tall pine trees. so as we face south we see this softball sized white solid light heading rather slowly in our direction but at first wasn't very suspicious or shocking cause it seemed like a plane or helicopter way off in the distance above the trees because the rate it was moving until i realized shortly there after that it had both of our attention fixed on it because shortly after noticing it we watched it what seemed like it was the the end of a beam of light following right along top of trees and then when it reached the end of tree line it drooped down from the height of the trees to the height of the wheat that was growing in the field an at that point we both at almost the same time said what the f@÷# is that!! we both jumped up in panic an hoped out of the back of truck ready to run or whatever necessary to deal with whatever was approaching us slowly. it was moving it seemed very slowly where we said a few guesses of what it may be and only reasonable guess was helicopter for the sharp 90° drop it made from top of trees strait down to wheat height an then leveled perfectly back off at that height of maybe 3.5 feet but mainly just sayin what the hell is that man knowin we were lying to ourselves with each guess just trying to make sense of what we were seeing cause the way it was moving and moving so silently we knew we didn't have a clue what it was an by this point it had moved within about 100 yards away an at this point we started walking backwarda cause we were scared of what was about to happen...Well bout the time the light got almost to the edge of field we took our eyes off the light which the whole time coming across the field was strait out ahead of us and the whole time the ball of light never got any bigger or smaller...But as we look directly above us we see this almost blimp like shaped long about 75 to 100 yard long by 30 yards wide dark blackish gray flying object! it was moving so slowly that we got the best look you could possibly get for it was only feet above the only 2 pines in the yard so i'd say maybe 70 to 80 feet above us an as it was passing over we walked with it an it almost seemed like it had us in a trance and emitted a low slight pulsing hum that u could feel but not really hear and what broke the silence was for whatever reason my step mother had stuck her head out of their bedroom window and said o my god!! what is that!! and it was at that point my cousin an i snapped out of it an started to freak out trying to figure it out so i pulled out my phone an tried with everything i had to snap photos an an videos an it was sooooooo big above us that just by pointing any camera strait up above us that takin a picture should have captured the craft an only the craft an not even edge to edge but just sheer bottom. but for some reason it would not show up in out cameras what so ever!! and with just out eyes we could vividly see the craft and it's color and some foreign in sigmas on it and despite it being a longgated oval shape, it was clearly made up of all triangles!! well out driveway is bout 100 yards long and we walked directly underneath it the whole time until we were reaching the woods an at that time we raced back to my truck. once in truck we called our friend in a panic telling him what we just saw an to run outside to see if he sees it. well he said he could hear an feel a hum but couldn't see it an bout time he said that he says o my god....Well he only has a small open spot in his yard but only maybe quarter mile down the road from my house an we where on phone the whole time an we picked him up at end of his driveway trying to hurry as quick as possible another quarter mile down the road to a huge field opening to catch another sighting of it an to our surprise it vanished....Which seemed impossible with the sheer size of it an snail pace in which it traveled....And from the place we then were you could see for miles of open sky in every direction and it was absolutely gone!! so we went back home an found my step mom freaking out telling herself that wasn't real that wasn't real that wasn't real and my cousin an i went strait up to my room an started sketching it out an trying to figure out what to do next rather we call the local news or police department or even air force base for dover air force which is a very large and important military air force base is about an hour north in the direction it was kinda flying in...But then we were so scared of what the reprecautions would be if we spoke up or if anyone would even believe us to begin with! because despite the fact that talkin about it gives me goose bumps an makes me tear up i didn't wanna deal all over again with what i dealt with as a kid from my immediate family an few close friends an even guidance couselors at school when i told them how i was abducted out of my bedroom and released an woke up naked outside in the yard hours later at almost sunrise....But that's a report i'm only willing to give in person! thank you so much for allowing me to share our story!! i so wish we got our encounter to yal much sooner and i really appreciate admire and envy the work yal do an would love to somehow get involved and help pursue and investigate ufo sightings and encounters! again thank you so much for your time the opportunity to tell my story

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Credit: MUFON

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