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Saturday, April 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Sudbury, Ontario on 2017-01-23 00:00:00 - Saw 3 of the same over a small lake along a small chain of lakes in naughten rezervation ontario canada

Around 10 pm eastern standard pacific time my 2 friends and i went out on a small ride in the bush of the rezervation. our intention was to ride out and watch the skies to see if we could see anything and just star watch, we have been noticing all kinds of weird things going on around us so i felt we had a good chance of some kind of envounter so we drove for about 10 minutes into the bush until we came to the first lake of 3 i parked my car and we sat for about 10 maybe 15 minutes talking about all the occurrences happening and trying to piece together our puzzle . i was looking out the front windshield out over the lake and almost simoltaniously me and my girlfriend noticed a strange light over the horizon on the other side of the lake maybe .8 of a kilometer away. we watched and questioned the appearance vigorously trying to find anything to meet this description first thought was it must be a helicopter then a remote control drone or something of the sort then it started moving closer and 2 other ufos came behind it. we now had no doubt in our mind's that what we were witnessing must be ufos. the 2 new ones flew in not right beside each other but defiantly not far apart they all 3 started moving to different sides of the lake one was about 500 feet north east of our position just off the point of somebodys bay and another to the right and probably 400 feet apart and the other adjacent to the first north east making some kind of triangle formation they hovered for a short time and slowly retreated back the way they came. i know what i saw and it could not be some kind of helicopter when close enough we could make out lights all the way around the craft somewhat pulsing but in a soothing order i was not scared nor was my girl friend and our friend fascination would be a better way to explain my emotion at the time.

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Credit: MUFON

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