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Saturday, April 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Florence, Arizona on 2017-04-12 00:00:00 - Three glowing round objects together in shape of triangle singlely disappearing then appearing randomly.

I was driving east toward superior az from san tan valley az on arizona farms rd when i noticed 3 glowing orange lights that were together in shape of triangle above the mountains toward the east and north of florence az and west of superior az. the lights seemed to be stationary, but would disappear randomly then reappear a few seconds later in the same spot. this went on for about 30 seconds. then i turned north on highway 79. i could not see the lights driving this direction. then i turned east onto highway 60 to go toward superior az and about 1 or 2 miles on highway 60 i saw the 3 lights in approximately the same spot before, but they were much brighter, still stationary, together in triangle shape, fading out and back in randomly. i watched these lights for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. then all disappeared. i had gone through superior az and turned south on highway 177 to go home to kearny, then about 1 mile on highway 177 i saw 1 orange light to the southeast and observed it for about 20 seconds. this light was dim and may have been traveling very slowly, but i believe it was stationary over mountains south of what is called apache leap. the light disappeared and i did not observe anymore lights on way home, which is 22 miles . this was on the night of april 12, 2017 around 8:45pm. then on the night of april 13,2017 i took the same route from san tan valley and observed 1 light again. the time was a little later, about 9pm driving east on arizona farms road toward highway 79 . the light was dim but still orange in color i observed it for about 10 seconds and it disappeared. i did not see any more lights until i was about 1 mile west of superior az and i saw a white light travel from south to north over picket post mountain. it lasted about 5 seconds. i think it may have been a meteor. am not sure. on april 12 and 13th sighting, i thought it might have been some kind of national guard nighttime manuevers. was not able to confirm. i have an open mind about ufos and am excited about the prospect of a real ufo sighting. thank you for your interest and i truly hope i have not was wasted your time.

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Credit: MUFON

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