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Sunday, April 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hiram, Georgia on 2016-09-16 09:03:00 - Sept. 2016–suburb of metro atlanta. 9:03am southeastern sky. i saw a dome shaped object phasing in and out for 8 seconds then it vanished.

Sept. 2016 9:03am.- i had just left my house three minutes prior to seeing the object. i was driving to downtown atlanta. i live in a suburban area of metro atlanta. at this time of the morning, the traffic has slowed down somewhat. it was a sunny morning. as i was driving, i gazed upward to the trees then to a small group of clouds of about 45 degrees or slightly higher from the horizon. that’s when i saw a small stationary object in the sky just below the clouds. it didn’t appear to be a plane off in the distance. it had no movement, and its shape and color didn’t fit that of a plane. it almost shimmered but to more accurately describe it, it looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. it looked like it was slightly phasing in and out. the clouds were not obstructing my view. they were above it. the phasing was more like coming into focus then softly losing its integrity but not losing its outline. it continued phasing in/out the entire time i viewed it. the object didn’t have a solid outline like that of an airplane. the outline was a somewhat fuzzy but i could still make out the dome shape (walnut-dome like shape with a flattened ring around the center). the sighting lasted about 7 seconds then the object disappeared. it didn’t fly off. it just vanished. a second later, i drove by some trees that blocked my view . the road curved slightly back to the east. i stopped at the intersection waiting for the light to change. i looked back up to the sky but the sun was more in my line of site at this point, and i could not see as well. i still had about a 45-minute drive to atlanta. i continued to look for the object/craft but did not see it again. at first i was in disbelief that i saw something that i couldn’t explain. i immediately started taking notes of what i saw. at each intersection that i stopped, i wrote down a few more notes. the more i thought of it, i felt some excitement but then i started to think, ‘what else could it be?’ it didn’t have a definite shape or appearance like a drone or a plane. what really stood out was that the object was phasing or shimmering in and out and not moving in any direction. the rest of that morning i kept looking at the sky, hoping to see it again and maybe i’d be able to tell what it really was, maybe see something that could explain what i saw. i was looking for evidence that it was man-made or some explanation and then i could put this to rest and not focus on it any longer. i’ve not seen it or any other objects since then. (i've attached a sketch i made the day i saw the object/craft)

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Credit: MUFON

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