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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Dallas, Georgia on 2017-04-11 22:15:00 - First one light, then ten minutes later three in a row with a pair at end of group, ten minutes later one light

On 4/11/17 at approx 10:15pm while relaxing on the back deck of home and watching the night sky i spotted a single reddish-orange glowing ball of light moving well above the tree-top line but below the clouds in the nw sky that looked to be approx 1000 ft in altitude moving at approx 100 mph. the light seemed to move at a steady altitude and speed traveling toward the se then making a turn toward the north and moving out of sight. i thought the object was a helicopter at first but it didn't make any sound. this made the sighting somewhat puzzling and had my attention. my wife and daughter witnessed this with me as i had quickly brought it to their attention. approximately 10 minutes later a group of 5 lights identical to the first one came from the exact same direction and traveled the exact same path. the group had three lights in a row, approximately 50 to 100 feet apart then the last 2 were traveling side by side approximately 50 feet apart. once the group was out of sight approximately 10 minutes later a single light exactly like the others came from the exact same direction and followed the exact same path as the 6 lights that preceded it. these lights made no sound as they moved across the sky. based on the fact that there were lots of clouds and these lights were seen between the clouds and the tree-tops i estimated their altitude at approx 1000 feet. it should also be noted that our location is almost perfectly aligned with the hartsfield-jackson airport flight path for incoming airplane traffic from the nw into atl. these lights traveled well underneath that normal flight path crossing it then taking a sweeping left turn to go north. having flown lots of hours in a cessna 182 i have a decent reference to air-speed and altitude but those numbers i've referenced are just estimates. the sighting left me, my wife and daughter feeling anxious and puzzled as to exactly what we'd seen.

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Credit: MUFON

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