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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Newport News, Virginia on 2017-04-11 20:34:00 - Ufo's in hovering in the sky, multiple that sit in the sky every night.

I was in my neighborhood, walking my dog and i always look at the sky to admire the star alignments when the sky is clear. i always look at the stars, and i use google sky maps pretty often. what amazed me tonight, were the brightest stars that were flickering in the sky, wasn't on any star alignments in the sky. so, i stopped everything i was doing and just stared as hard as i could. after noticing this one star that was glowing a bright orange color, i noticed it was moving in odd ways. i kept looking to see if it could have possibly been a airplane (because i live walking distance to an airport), but i've seen the usual airplanes flying near it, and the bright object would flicker and move near it as if it were watching the flights in the sky. paying more attention, i've started looking at the other flickering bright stars in the sky and they were doing the same movement as the others. they were all moving in odd circular and zig-zag movements, just hovering in the sky. i've always noticed these bright flickering odd-colored stars (i've seen purple, red, blue, white, orange, and yellow), but never really taken my time to sit there, and watch them. watching them move in odd directions versus the planes that were either flying towards the airport, or away from the airport has given me proof that i've been looking at ufos this entire time. when noticing the movements, i felt like i was in shock and the more i've watched it, i felt as if i were being watched as well as if i were gaining acknowledgement that they knew i was watching them. i didn't lose sight of it at all, all five of them are still in the sky, and it's been nearly two hours now. i've always heard stories in town about sightings, especially in the norfolk and fort eustis area. i can say i've never looked hard enough to notice it until now. i can also say that these flashing/sparkling/pulsing objects are in the sky all the time, looking as if they're a part of the stars as well.

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Credit: MUFON

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