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Thursday, April 13, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Texas on 1978-09-18 14:00:00 - Romantic aliens

We were little elementary school kids -maybe 3rd grade even, kinda big. there had been a listing in the paper for a garage sale down the street so we went finally one afternoon. us and another little kid-we got some money and went and had seen many people there before that. suppose there was a car in the driveway of course-did not pay any attention to it! the entity drove it daily seems like later in the day. the garage was filled with shelves with stuff on them for sale. strange stuff! we wound up buying romantic gift items the entity said was given to her and made for her by guys or whatever! also, some other items which our folks threw in the trashcan right away! the entity told those romantic stories and it appeared female, but it has to be an alien in disguise. so it is very strange. we apparently wound up with a dried primrose flower deal! we never seen anything like it although it comes up in alien stories sometimes at least. we have seen many such entities who appear about the same. so it's a type they appear as and like to appear as. we were at this entities house and could see in. there is something odd about that. also, you see them in the kitchen often cooking. so it's kinda weird the whole thing like almost kinda romantic or could be. i mean they say it's kinda got traditional to go out to eat or something- the guy takes her out or something. but just being with one in the kitchen cooking is kinda odd- we have done it before and we were in a romantic relationship with the alien. it's kinda odd. it's kinda romantic especially if the alien is. so we saw a store aliens had with a kitchen set up like another aliens house. sure he owns it all. but it's kinda romantic. they sold romantic items and the whole place was over romantic. it seems odd. they had a similar item on sale kinda like the flower deal. glass you see thru it the stuff inside. is it romantic to aliens or what. it's romantic somehow? something about that stuff maybe. we were told not to listen to the alien guy but he did say where did we get that item. now, his 2 alien friends were watching us buy the stuff! so it shows they're together very much and friends or something- just something very strange. anyway-whatever. he also asked us where we got that flower thing before and said it was kinda weird. that we had some kinda weird stuff in our room and he asked bout that item. out of all of our darn junk! what else is weird in there? well, who knows- we tried to decorate! so we went over and the alien got on the phone and we heard him saying- they're over here now... ... ... later another alien came over to our house and was on the telephone saying- i'm over there now! ... ... ... she's getting out of the shower- i gatta go. ? so the alien seemed to plan for us kids to go to the garage sale. they knew that when they did it and she said that we could go over to that garage sale anytime!!! it is like a store! anyway, we never did go back because a garage sale seems like an advertised deal. it was an actual store! the alien knows that, too. in there with all of that stuff!!! we could see the alien entity in there with that stuff all the time but you don't see the stuff from the street in the garage. the house was very similar to our ex's house- that alien one. the one who was with us more- not that 2nd one who was on the phone to his friend/s. it was like that house and not by coincidense either probably. it's kinda changed around, but similar. there were things in the house that like all the m alien houses it looks like it appeared there rather than someone put it there.We thought the dogs played with that scarf! not a lot of junk in the house- maybe a tv. but it is romantic kinda that the alien said that- you can come over anytime. the gifts. another was flirting with a girl. they tend to scare the heck outta us. he flirted and he was very active and visible! when others aren't so much although they did land in flying saucers!!! that's pretty active, but we saw that car- his car out at night that time, too! we didn't get to see the flying saucers, but we saw that! it's that one who was flirting with her surely! and he terrorized a woman next door to him! he surely did it on purpose. so very strange- romantic or what? he sounded amazed to flirt with that girl who was in 5th grade at the time or what 6th. they are aliens! nothing even came of it, but he was flirting with her. or she got the hints that we missed. they do threats. it appears that aliens standard mo is to scare girls first in the romantic encounters. they do something like this -although these encounters didn't lead to anything physical between the guys and girls involved. it was like a first thing they do!!! 1st they scare you kinda or it gets there fast. ? it seems the one we were with did that all the time or sometimes at least. he scared the woman next door we heard- do not know what she saw! sounds like disappearing stuff like our folks saw in another one's house before! they talked the same they said no uh uh! coz the stuff disappeared! that's what the woman said about whatever the woman saw at that guys house. he is smart and active alien- he does seem keen on meeting girls among other things or something. so the idea of hanging around aliens is odd. you are in the kitchen with them! it's strange coz aliens are strange and it can be romantic. they could use it to get closer to woman maybe where before they were somewhere else. maybe it can be strangely romantic. it's always lit and private or yeah kinda and they are right there - outta sight but near kinda. maybe they have a romantic kitchen area. or just being around them's strange. maybe not too romantic but just odd to be with them. we have noticed that they seem to represent if you get with them lust? if you get with them you gatta be prepared. also, aliens seem to lie all the time. we put craft stuff from the area-at night and day ther's stuff. odd cars. ufo's landing. strange entities there. the other alien we saw in the kitchen moving around- something like a ghost sighting. the other one who scared his neighbor really bad seems the woman said she blocked her view of his kitchen window or something. another was always cooking a-lot all day in his large kitchen. well, one appeared as a woman cooking apparently also. typical! people cook! they get up and plan what to eat for dinner and if they know how to cook they can just take all day making stuff. we do not know how to cook from scratch like that! another guy hinted at aliens and humans (he's human, but he's friends with the aliens) being in romantic relationships! so it shows that his alien friends love this! apparently he knows this well. he knows how his friends are and how our ex is. we have heard him described as a devil though. aliens didn't say it, we heard a woman call him that. she doesn't even know about his alien friends surely. we kinda saw him with them kinda like or something. well, with our ex! so who else is he with oh there was another guy - another alien with him!!! yup! yes he said stuff about his friends. we know the guys' an alien! we have seen them around enough to know that that guys friend is an alien. non-human entity. he was using a little bit of dirty jokes. not too much! but yes some type flirting stuff -kinda goes with our ex and what he was doing at the time! they are friends apparently and mess with not only that girls' mind but maybe ours, too. oh the entity moved like fast looking- no not a woman at all- not human! watching us! at the garage sale! we were talking about dogs and things and cute toys and things at the garage sale. they say they show people things like that - we know the mafia does this! aliens, too maybe like our ex! he'd come over yelling at us and it is scary! so he starts to talk about kids! ? maybe to not be so scary? but they do show you things like that- i mean that was a weird place! that was there but nothing else was there- many ghost houses. there's some more aliens appeared round when we began to say- where's all the people! it's a ghost town. we moved out of that town! there was this crazy man for one thing and aliens made the job not work although they offered tons of cash they didn't take it! went outta business and with the crazy man- he was always nuts! moved to get away from him and he followed! voices said get him to act nuts, but he was already nuts so they didn't do it really! he was acting nuts before that! moved outta texas! and they didn't care to go back and hang around coz of him! they said there's a crazy man! we said there is? and they said yes! he may be at the mall they said. we wanted to go or something- go somewhere. we just didn't hang around there. sure, when we went back - didn't pay much attention to nothing really. there's ufo's at night there and you hear voices and stuff. there is a strong alien presence in their house at night!!! you can hear it talk to you or it gets you up or something! very strong! our folks said there's something in the house! yup! we didn't spend the night there much! but when we did something was going on there for sure!!! a strong alien presence and ufo's almost every night or every night there. you see cars go by and they are the ufo's apparently and everything. same aliens all same still going. we might have been the only ones to ever see a car go in next door in the morning over there, but we don't really recall too well. if it was there we paid it no attention. but no one has ever seen anything out at that house. so it would've been something if we saw it. seems it goes in fast and almost he appears things like the door and all and goes in so fast- no wonder no one's seen him! our folks said don't you know someones in there looking out that window! you can see in houses and it's always a couch and all but no one in sight! so they may be in there looking out only invisible! strange!Couch set up for a good place to look out, but invisible people in there. so when we saw the one we felt he's more like a light although he looked solid. he goes in and vanished no doubt and an invisible man did live in that house. we saw or heard him in the kitchen where he appeared things around. we heard the water appear on and off all the time from our bedroom next door in preschool. it's on then off it doesn't turn. you can hear that water is on then off- no turning the knob on the sink. people saw things appearing around in there, but we were so little and couldn't see out the window or anything. we did see him though sometimes. no one else saw him, although the woman across the street said she didn't- she was lieing. i mean she's lookin out the window to see him land and go in the garage! she's lieing! we saw him! she did witchcraft. she's rub a pan 3 times backwards when she got mad. so that's odd. she had voodoo dolls. we don't know maybe every thing about witchcraft, but that's odd that she did that with the pans. we read a little bit to know something is going on besides doing dishes. she didn't want them over disturbing her and her visitors! they loved to visit friends, but they weren't welcomed there obviously. weird. if she is gonna have voodoo dolls with pins stuck in them - do you really wanna go over there? maybe they don't care- maybe its not a big deal. they want to go there. she hated us so much and said with the rock music we listened to and dressed like we were a witch and would get a voodoo doll all the time and dress it like us and all. so it takes one to know one for sure! we had no idea what she was talking about. but she hates us a lot.Yes, that music is!

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