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Friday, April 7, 2017

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UFO Landing in Empire, Michigan on 2016-06-30 00:00:00 - My boyfriend and i were walking a rural & farmland-surrounded road late at night, noticed a bright and large star in the sky, it descended and a being emerged from the blinding light

I want to preface this report by saying this is my third and most recent experience with alien/ufo type things. i recently made reports of those first two incidents here as well. those report numbers are 82981 and 82984. those first two experiences happened within the same day in april 2012 in new york, and this experience happened in july of 2016 in michigan. this experience (like the others) has some strange and "impossible"-seeming qualities about it, but i will try my best to describe my memories exactly as they are anyway. the main weird thing about this is that i suddenly remembered it in intense flashes shortly after i woke up one morning. kind of like how you remember the dream you had the previous night, except this was much much more intense. i then realized i really had no memory of going to bed the night before, or much of anything at all after i had gotten home from work that previous day. and that is not normal for me at all. i never have lapses of memory like that, but i just could not for the life of me remember anything that happened that previous night. my last memories of that previous day were during daylight, being at home. what i remembered in those intense flooding flashes of memory was this: it was late that night, probably about 1am when my boyfriend and i decided to take a walk down the road. i don't really know how i knew the time, but thats the impression that i was feeling/thinking from the memories that came back to me. (by the way, at the time we were living in my childhood home with my father, which is way out in "the middle of nowhere" on a road that is mostly surrounded by fields, orchards, and forest beyond those farm fields. we had just moved there around june 2nd.) it was summer-time and a nice clear night so we thought it would be nice to take a stroll and maybe look at the stars, though we hadn't done that before. we left my house and headed south down my road about a half mile when my boyfriend pointed out this big, bright star in the southern sky. it was larger than the other stars around, and for some reason just more noticeable. it was pretty. now our road is on a fairly tall hill, and i remember this "star" being pretty decently high in the sky, i had to tilt my head slightly up to see it. i seem to remember there being a few small stars a bit underneath it as well. but still it was not "above" us by any means. it was in front of us and a bit up. it appeared stationary like stars are of course. i saw it above the trees that were on our hill, though it appeared far away just like all the other stars. (i don't know anything about elevation or altitude, so i'm sorry for the uneducated description.)the moment he pointed this star out i started to get this immediate "irrational" anxious/scared feeling. i wanted to go home. i did think of aliens, but that thought was something that i've regarded as a very real possibility ever since my first experiences that i mentioned happening in 2012. and the idea has always given me stress and anxiety since then. anyway, we were standing in the middle of the road and my boyfriend was about 5-10 feet in front of me as we looked up at this star. i immediately told my boyfriend i want to go home when he pointed this star out. his attitude and response was something to the effect of "oh, come on don't be silly it's just a pretty star." i could tell he wasn't just going to turn around and come with me, but i was so scared that i just turned around and started walking back in the direction of our house, looking behind my shoulder towards my boyfriend and saying "come on, i'm going home, i'm freaking out" trying to make him come with me. he was still standing looking at the star. this is when things started getting really really weird. as i was looking behind my shoulder telling my boyfriend to come with me, i saw him looking at the star and as i looked up at it too, it was like time was slowing down or stopping. sound seemed to stop as well, like the wind and the normal atmosphere sounds. it was like reality stopped moving and the star became the only thing moving. it suddenly appeared to magnify even bigger than it was, and somehow "zoomed" in an s-shaped motion down to the area in front of us. it did this in less than a second. it actually didn't feel like time at all. i don't understand how i saw something appear to move through space, without time. it was like it appeared in front of me in no time, yet i did see it travel a path to get to me. it looked just like a star. extremely bright white light in all directions, in a general circular-type shape. the light was actually blindingly bright, i had to put my arm/hand in front of my face to shield myself a bit because the light hurt my eyes. another odd thing about the quality of light is that it didn't really seem to light up the area around it at all even though it was the brightest light i'd ever seen. it was just coming from the object which, for all intensive purposes, looked to me like a real life star from the sky. it looked to be "emitting" light but somehow wasn't lighting up the surroundings. it's hard to say how large this object was because it was so bright that i could barely even see it because i was being blinded. when it "landed," (which i can't really say because it was so bright that i didn't see a physical object at all and so i didn't see it "touching" the ground), it kind of landed a few feet in front of my boyfriend and to the side of the road a bit. and it just moved silently and smoothly forward, quickly "swallowing" my boyfriends silhouette within the blinding light. i don't know if it actually "absorbed" him or just passed him on its was towards me, but his body was just quickly blotted out by the brightness of the light. when it moved towards me, it moved more into the center of the road because that's where i was standing. at this point the diameter of this "star" appeared to stretch from one side of the road to the other. (the road is just a regular road with one lane going each direction and not very much shoulder). and it was a circular-seeming shape, so it was about that diameter in all directions. this all happened in "an instant," and i had no time to react or couldn't react because of shock. i'm not sure which. i'm not sure if i was paralyzed in fear or not, but i didn't move and was certainly terrified. i just stood there still with my back kind-of hunched over in anxiety and my left arm and hand in front of my face trying to block the light but still looking through my fingers to see what it was. the object seemed to stop moving towards me when it seemed to be about 20 feet in front of me. at that moment i saw a silhouette start to emerge from the light, coming towards me. this is when my fear skyrocketed to the level that i have only had one other time, which was the time in 2012 that i had my first experience with an alien entity. this level of fear is unlike other. it's impossible to imagine. i couldn't fathom that this level of fear was even possible until i had these experiences. anyway, as i started to see the silhouette emerge and draw closer to me, i closed my eyes and was thinking "i can't look! i don't want to see! no! this is too much for me to handle! i can't look!!!" but in the next instant i thought to myself "well if i'm going to die tonight i'm going to damn well see it." so i forced myself to open my eyes through my paralyzing fear to try to see what was coming toward me. what i saw was a humanoid form, similar size as me, in a pure-white what looked to be haz-mat suit. the haz-mat suit had that square-shaped window to the persons face but i couldn't really see inside. i couldn't see any shape or head-shape or any physical features in the face-window. all i could see in the face-window was a foggy pink-ish white human skin tone type color. this is my last memory as blinding white light seemed to envelope me as this figure came closer and closer up to me. the next thing i remember is waking up in my bed in the morning, starting my normal day and within a few hours had these intense memories flooded to me. and like i said in the beginning, i don't have any memory of actually going to bed that previous night. or any memory of what happened after it got dark, my last memory was of day-time that previous day. before i told my boyfriend the details of all this, i fist approached him by asking him if he remembered when i went to bed last night (because i sometimes to go bed or take naps while he stays awake). he said he didn't. i then asked him if he remembered going to bed himself that night. he couldn't say that he did. i asked more questions about remembering what had happened that evening at all. his reaction was confused-ly realizing that he couldn't remember what we had done that evening whatsoever. that's when i told him my odd memories and everything. he had no memory whatsoever of going on a walk or any of the things that i had explained remembering. but he still could not place or mention anything that had gone on the night before. and that's basically it, no conclusion or more memories ever came after that, but it never could be explained by either one of us.

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