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Thursday, April 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Rancho Palos Verdes, California on 1992-08-20 00:00:00 - Driving home late towards point vencinte lighthouse palos verdes. saw green glow coming from the cove. pulled over, looked over cliff. observed 40" classic saucer no more than 50 yards from me

I was driving home from a date late in mid august 1992. i lived in lomita but, it was a beautiful night so, i decided to take the long way home by taking palos verdes dr. n...Which snakes along the cliffs of palos verdes. after driving through lunada bay, i could see, in the distance, a greenish glow coming from the point vencenti cove direction. as i got closer, the greenish bio-luminescent glow grew. i finally rounded the corner where the turnout to the cove was and the glow, by then, was all consuming. i pulled the car over in the turnout they have there, half expecting to see a movie being shot. i got out of the car and as i walked over to the cliff's edge, i noticed three people to my left looking down at whatever was in the cove. it was unusual because i saw no other car parked. it was dark but, i could tell it was aa family of 3...A mom, a dad and a small boy. the mother had her arm around the child. i continued to the cliffs edge and peered over. directly in the exact middle of the cove and hovering 8" above the water, was a classic saucer shaped domed craft, ringed with green lights and no more than 50 yards from me. it was big, at least 40 feet across, was domed and had an unreal skin. the closest thing i could compare it to - is a, slick oily puddle. the rainbow colors were dull but prismatic and had a swirling motion. it began to hum and as it did, the water beneath it began to bubble and steam. i yelled over to the family left of me but they stood there silent, motionless, memorized by what they were seeing (or so i thought). i was beginning to get spooked. i wanted to see the craft submerge or take off but, i was getting an overwhelming feeling of dread. i couldn't believe my luck and/or my eyes, seeing this astonishment so up close and personal. i looked over to the family but, they were rounding the corner, heading down the path that leaved to the water's edge. that was it. i wasn't going to stick around. i got in my car and took off. this story has been weighing my mind down lately. thank you for the catharsis

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Credit: MUFON

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