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Thursday, April 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Corbin, Kentucky on 2017-04-12 21:05:00 - Very bright silent orb traversed half of sky, stopped, then took off at incredible speed

I live in a rural and the sky and area around my house is very dark with excellent vivid visibility of the sky. i was sitting in my car in the driveway at 9pm, shortly before moonrise. the sky was completely cloudless and dark as i watched planes and satellites etc. fly overhead. suddenly a very bright solid white light appeared moving from the north horizon due southward, about 30 degrees off the horizon. the object was about 5 times the size and brightness of jupiter. i thought about trying to get a video, but then dismissed it as just a medevac helicopter that frequents the skies in the area (also my cell camera is pretty much useless in low light). i listened closely for the expected engine and and/or rotor sounds, and looked for the ever present strobe lights, but it had neither. it traversed from the north horizon to about mid sky at i would estimate 150-200 mph until it abruptly stopped. not slowed to a stop, but slammed to an instant stop. it was stationary for a very few seconds, then in the span of less than 5 seconds the light steadily decreased in size and intensity until it was a just pin prick and then gone. it was then that i realized the light had rapidly shrunk and disappeared because the object had shot off at an incredible speed directly away from my vantage point. less than 3 minutes later, two aircraft (strobes, contrails, and jet noise) flying a tight echelon right formation came screaming across the sky (i would estimate about 3x the speed of airliners that fly over every few minutes 24/7, maybe mach 1.5 or 2 considering how much of the sky they covered in a short time), from the west horizon to the exact location and path taken by the object after it stopped and took off. a minute after the two jets flew overhead, an identical aircraft (or maybe 2, since it was at a much higher altitude and at a lower angle than the previous pair, i couldn't discern how many sets of lights and contrails) came screaming across the sky as fast as the other two jets from the north, following the exact path of the object, and then banked left a little past where the object had turned, until it was flying east behind and just off the right flank of the first two eastbound jets. the planes continued on the same path the object shot off in until they were out of sight.

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Credit: MUFON

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