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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Burlington, Vermont on 1996-04-03 21:00:00 - Bright whitish pale yellow ball with very long trail of sparks following lake champlain just above adironacks, slowly traveling across the sky in a slight arc; viewed from near top of pearl street hill; just after moon eclipse ended

On the evening of april 3, 1996, my husband and i had been watching the hale-bopp comet. on the way home, we watched the total eclipse of the moon from the staples shopping center. when that ended, around 9:00 p.M., we headed home in our car. we were near the top of pearl street, heading west towards lake champlain, when the event happened. from there we had a clear view of the lake, the adirondack mountains, and the sky above them. suddenly, a very bright whitish/pale-yellow sphere of light came into view on the far left. the sphere was moving slowly across the sky in front of us. for most of the time we watched it, it was moving in a straight line, parallel to the lake, from south to north. just before we lost sight of it, it seemed to be moving in a slight downward arc. from where we were observing, it appeared to be just above the mountains, and to be about the size the sun looks at midday. it had a thick trail of bright whitish/pale-yellow sparks behind it that was so long that at one point the sphere plus the tail stretched across about two-thirds of our view. this tail was coming from the whole left half of the sphere, and coming to a point at the end, forming a cone, like an ice-cream cone, with the sphere itself the ice-cream. the right (forward) side of the sphere emitted no sparks or flame. we heard no noise. we estimate the total time elapsed to be about 30 seconds from the time the sphere first appeared to our left until it disappeared from our view. as soon as we got home, about 3 minutes later, i wrote down all the details of the sighting and called a local radio station to report it. the station wasn't interested. we then called the police, who took down the report. the police called us back. they had called the airport and been told nothing had been observed and that it must have been a meteorite. it wasn't a meteorite. it wasn't hurtling downward; it was traveling horizontally, much too slowly to be a meteorite.

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Credit: MUFON

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