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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Upland, California on 2015-07-26 19:50:00 - Ufo came into view, flew around overhead, then flew away.

This event occurred on july 26, 2015, about 7:50pm. a sunday. at approximately 7:35pm, my neighbor, from down the street, half a block away, and whose home backs up to the alley my property also backs up to, knows i'm interested in ufos, and so he called me on the phone to tell me he saw a ufo high up in the sky and slightly to the east. this placed it behind my home, as my backyard faces the east. the front of my home faces the west. so i went into my backyard and looked up in the sky for the ufo. i didn't see it. so i went back inside and called my neighbor back and asked him to go outside and see if he could still see it. if i recall correctly, i held on the phone while he did this and he returned and said it's still there. i believe i hung up and again went outside but still couldn't see it. so i called him back again and asked him to walk over and show me where it was. if memory serves me right he walked up the alley about a minute or so later and i met him there and he pointed it out to me. it was very faint and just looked like a stationary star. actually it was so faint that i could barely see it. he has excellent eyesight and i wear glasses so possibly that may have had something to do with it. he had things to do so he went back home. i raced inside and grabbed my panasonic pv-gs320 digital video camcorder and one of my tripods and returned to my backyard and set it up. now i could still see the object in the sky but i could never find it in the lcd monitor of my camcorder. after a few minutes of this i then could no longer see the ufo and so i was not a happy camper that i missed it. i grabbed my camcorder with the tripod still attached and turned and headed back to the house. i recall distinctly saying to myself something to the effect of darn i missed it. the time was now about 7:50pm. now i kept looking up at the sky to see if maybe the object had moved and was elsewhere in the sky and just as i got close to the eaves of my home's back wall i saw another new object that appeared up in the sky as it flew from the west over my house and came into view overhead. the weird thing is it was as if it was aware that i was looking at it since it stopped and hovered overhead in a zig zaggy type of motion. this gave me time to put my tripod on the ground and find this new object in the lcd monitor and so i was able to film it as it moved around overhead at approximately a 65 to 70 degree angle. at one point in the footage you can see where what appears to be a bug fly past on the left side. finally, after about 15 to 18 seconds of my filming it, the object appeared to fly off back to the west, in the direction from which it had originally come and disappeared beyond my roof. i say "appeared to fly" because it went of so fast that i'm not 100% sure what it did. i'll mention that the whole time it never made one sound. as soon as i saw the object i knew it was something out of the ordinary and i suspected it might be a drone but upon further examination it doesn't look like a drone. what was especially odd is there was some kind of appendage on the left side of the object that appeared to oscillate or flutter. at times as i filmed it i had to move the camcorder so i could keep the object on the lcd monitor. but it did jump (hover) around within the small region where it was. so some of the shakiness is probably due to my movement. i was exhilarated to have caught this new object on film. i have had three previous sightings. one in 1969 when i was eleven. one in 1976 when i lived in a dorm at ucla and one about 1985 in hollywood. but this time was the best as i was able to get a record of what i saw. i took a photo of the object when i looked at it on my tv and i blew it up as large as possible. i have had a lifelong interest in ufos (since i was around 6 or 7 years of age). i believe that something is going on but i classify all my sightings as ufos since they are unidentified.

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Credit: MUFON

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