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Sunday, April 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Bakersfield, California on 2017-04-22 19:50:00 - Bright rectangular object that emitted light from left to right. then became a star.

I was washing dishes, i had just finished a load of dishes when i heard an abnormally loud bang just outside my window. now in my neighborhood it isn't uncommon to hear a gunshot or two from week to week, maybe even the occasional car accident. but when i heard this, well i thought it was at my next door neighbors house so i had the concern for my neighbors safety. i quickly retrieved my pistol and placed it up on my fiances book shelf in the living room. i went outside leaving my daughter inside with the screen closed. i looked around the side of my house where the noise had originated from, nothing. i waited about 5 seconds and listened to see if there was any yelling or screaming, or anything of that manner. nothing. so i started to head inside but only managed to take a couple of steps when out of the corner of my eye i saw a bright purple light, then a loud bang followed. my neighbors from down the block were shooting off fire works and i put two and two together and once again started to head back inside. now i don't know what made me look up at that exact moment, but i did, just over the tree line of the house across the street from me. and there it was. at first i thought it was a plane but then i quickly realized that it was much to large for a plane. there are two airports in my city, so i'm used to seeing aircraft operate during the day and night hours. the lights glowing on this object were also way too bright to be traditional aircraft. it would be an obvious distraction to the pilots, having something this bright on an aircraft and trying to fly it during the night. but also there was no light around the light. i know that may sound weird and not make sense, but when you look at a bright light at night, like a searchlight for instance. there is the powerful bright light that emits straight from the source, then there is like a secondary light that almost radiates off the main light. this objects lights weren't doing that. now the lights were lighting up left to right. then they would dim to nothing in the same fashion. and then they would repeat the process in what i would say would be 2-3 second intervals. then the craft appeared to me to start turning left. the light on the right would be smaller than the one on the left which led me to think that this was a glider of some sort. but when the craft completed this turn or it appeared to be a turn, it was gone. it became a star. a star. let me remind you this object was pretty large. it quietly shrunk to a star. i was dumbfounded. i stood there for about five minutes trying to figure out what i saw. it was over and done with in about 10-15 seconds. it all happened fast. as i stood there. the only thing that made sense to me was my neighbors were shooting fireworks at this thing. now i live in california, and here fireworks of all kinds are illegal year round, with the exception of 4th of july of course. but any firework that flies in the air is extremely illegal no matter what day it is here. but still, they were shooting these fire works in the general vicinity of this craft. i was really hesitant about reporting this, but i feel confident that i'm not crazy.

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Credit: MUFON

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