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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Douglas, on 2017-04-09 21:20:00 - Fireball orb like ufo. small flashing lights to the left of orb in viddo

I had just got my young son to bed, took my glasses off and washed my face to get ready to go to bed my self, i said good night to my husband who was sitting in our living room when i fist noticed through the blinds i saw some thing, i kind of mumbled to my husband ' i can see some thing really bright out there' and he said ' what?' but i thought nothing of it because i wasn't wearing my glasses so i said ' nothing it doesn't matter' and went to the bathroom to get my glasses and went to bed, i thought i'd just have a look out the bedroom window to see what the bright light was, and i was just absolutely confused by what i saw. i thought it was an aeroplane, but after five mins it didn't move or the light intensity didn't change, but it was just very bright. in the isle of man there is just a whole lot of nothing, we have one small airport. very few planes cross us. when they do, they are never this bright. i got my phone to take a picture and my first thought was that it will disappear as soon as i get my camera but it just stayed stationary in the sky. i took a couple of photos then started recording. i still wasn't sure what i was recording so stopped. it was just very very bright. once recording it though i zoomed in and out trying to get a better idea of what it could be. i wanted to watch my video whilst the object was still statinary in the sky to get a better idea of what it was. i zoomed in and i'd see it looked like a fireball, almost like it had a ring around it, i looked up again to see it still in the sky, it then after about another 30 seconds pulsated and drifted to the left and shrank in size then disappeared. i still didn't really think i had caught anything that great, i was trying to be logical, i watched the video over and over, after several times i noticed to the left of the orb in the video there are small flashing lights right next to it, that flash randomly throughout the video. i showed my husband just today and he is usually sceptical but he thinks i've really caught some thing here, and i want to share.

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Credit: MUFON

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