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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Woodbridge, California on 1972-02-15 21:00:00 - Observed a search light in distance,initially thought it was a helicopter,never figured out what it was

At approximately 9pm on or about february 15 1972, myself and two buddies were parked in a vineyard off of lucas road on the outskirts of woodbridge ca.This was a spot that we would go to drink or take girls to have some fun. on this particular night we had a 12-pack of coors for the three of us.It had been raining for several days, but this night the sky was clear and the stars were really bright.We were talking and laughing and listening to the chambers brothers song "time has come today" on the radio when we observed what we thought was a helicopter shining a search light down.I had just cracked open my second beer and my buddy was saying "i bet its the cops looking for somebody and that is the last thing i remember.My next recollection is i was waking up or coming to or whatever you want to call it. i was on my feet walking and i had no idea where i was or how i got there.My first thought was "what the hell is going on!".I stopped to look around and see if i could figure out where i was.That is when i realized that i was still in the vineyard,but i was no longer on the road that we drove in on.I then looked down and saw that my shoes were no longer on my feet.That is when i thought that the cold mud squishing between my toes is maybe what woke me up.I looked in all directions to see if i could find the car,but i did not see it.I was immediately overcome with fear and just took off running.I was splashing through the mud until i came to a paved road.I recognized the houses and i knew that i was on lucas road and i kept on running all the way back to my buddys house(approximately a mile and a half).His car was unlocked so i got in the back seat and went to sleep.The next morning as i was getting out of his car, he saw me through his kitchen window and shouted "hey,what the hell happened to you last night.I said "i dont know".I asked him what happened and he said "when we woke up you were gone.I said what do you mean when you woke up,and he said"i dont know but we woke up and you were gone.I discovered something just under the skin on my forehead above my left eye some time afterwards.I have never had it checked out and its still there all these years later.Although, back in 2013 i had to have an mri done on my hand and the technician asked me if i had any metal in my body.I told him that i thought i had a "bb" in my forehead.He felt around it and took x-rays and said that it was definitely not a "bb".I still dont know what it is.Anyway,the three of us have never sat down and talked about that night.I have begun to tell a few people about it and they have always given me that same stupid looking grin, so i just keep it to myself.

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Credit: MUFON

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