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Friday, April 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Cincinnati, Ohio on 1974-10-31 00:00:00 - Prior to dusk, i spotted a ufo.Next memory i awoke to a g force sensation 25 minutes away at 10:20 pm. the ufo was green gold with violet and amber lights. it had static sounds from the lights. the engine shut down and reversed. too many details....

It was on a friday night in 1974 in cincinnati ohio. while in a car i first noticed the ufo just prior to dusk around 8pm. it had a most unusual color. it appeared to be goldish green and very dull. i first thought it was a blimp. but,then i realized that it was the edge of a ufo. as i studied the ship that had rested just above the tree tops of the little miami river i noticed there were cables that crossed from top to bottom and what appeared to be a ladder on the side. when the driver took notice he became so terrified that he stopped driving. i then became afraid because wooster pike is typically a very busy street. but, as i looked around i noticed just one car coming from mariemont towne square and two cars coming from terrace park. they too were slowing and i wondered where everybody was. it appeared as though we were all suspended in time and i began to pray... the next memory i had was a feeling of g-force... you know like the toy cars when you rake them across the floor a few times and then let them go... i felt that i had been let go into a speeding car. my friend was jerking the steering wheel hard left and hard right while looking upward through the window and the windshield saying "where are we and where is that thing. i said what thing and he said "you know that spaceship we've been chasing." i said oh yeah, yet, i didn't remember chasing the spaceship at all. up ahead, i noticed a marquis with bright lights and as we approached it i realized that even though i had no clue how we got there... we were at sycamore high school 25 minutes away. and, the clock read 10:20 pm. then i looked around for the spaceship and i noticed it in the left rear window. as we were driving the ship flew over top of the car. it had come from behind. the bottom of the spaceship appeared to be flat but was sectioned off in large sections of panels shaped into x's with metal footers or beams. each of those sections contained smaller sections in panels of x's and all of the sections were lit with violet and amber lights protruding through round rings about the size of traffic lights. the lighted sections differed in array of the two color combinations. the ship was to large to take it all in so i studied just one large x section and the smaller x panel with lights. the spaceship had a static sound coming from the lights which gave me a headache at the bridge of my nose just to look up at them. i also heard the engines whine down as it flew over and stopped adjacent to the right of the car and i then heard the engines do a reversal as they started back up and i watched the ufo begin to move again. the ufo sort of fished tailed and went straight ahead very quietly and slowly in front of us until it disappeared out of sight. i remember watching it leave and saying "there it goes...It's gone now." we never spoke of the incident but several hours of our lives were unaccounted for. the ship itself was so large and soo beautiful that i remembered feeling kind of sad to see it go and i also felt as though they were looking back at us wanting to make sure that we were ok before they left us behind.

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Credit: MUFON

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