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Sunday, April 16, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Dayton, Ohio on 2016-03-11 00:00:00 - Alien telepathy encounter.

I am a ex nsa, ex military veteran. sometime in the first half of march 2016, i was in the va homeless program. one day, it became alarmingly apparent to me that some of the people around me could hear my thoughts. i immediately thought they were aliens until i became aware that there seemed to be two different groups of people accessing my thoughts. i thought aliens were one and military or government were the other. i completely freaked out and panicked, even fleeing the va just to get picked up by police officers and they took me back to the va. i was finally able to leave when my brother picked me up. it's late at night and we arrive at his apartment and i'm still completely panicked and paranoid. a song began to play and as the song played, it seemed like my brother was going to kill me, paranoia maybe, but i swear he too could hear my thoughts. i immediately fled his apartment after a slight scuffle, leaving all of my belongings behind. and it was at this moment i truly believe aliens began talking and controlling me from in my head. the first voice was that of a black male, accent and all, telling me a bizarre story of what the va was doing. this lasted for approximately 20 mins until i saw a church, and that voice told me to run full sprint to it and to drop the rings i was wearing on my pinky fingers. upon arriving at the church, i saw shadows and i dropped to the ground. when i dropped to the ground, two new voices began talking to each other in english, but they sounded like they were very old raspy robots, but still sounded partially human maybe. there conversation lasted no more than a couple minutes between each other and the only thing i remember from the conversation was "he is a new specimen". once there conversation stopped, my body just sprung to upright and i was on my feet. i could hear like a pendulum in my head, and it felt as though my brain was being put to sleep, but i was still in the background and a weird language was flying through my brain and my hands were moving uncontrollably. i thought i was going to be in this state forever and it just stopped. this event still haunts me to this day.

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Credit: MUFON

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