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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Kalamazoo, Michigan on 1994-02-01 00:00:00 - Returning home a strobing light shone over my shoulders. upon turning time slowed and a small globe pulsated slowly from white to green to purple, increasing speed with each color, until it flashed bright and was gone.

My mother and i were returning home to watch a program we always watched on friday nights. when we returned home she stood in front of me unlocking the door. i remember seeing very bright strobing light shining over my shoulders which prompted me to say "what is that?", and then turn around. about halfway into my turning time slowed down and it felt as though the air was thick like vaseline. both my mother and i saw this round object, about 3 feet off the ground and roughly 20 feet away was stationary and, pulsating. because time had slowed it was initially a strobing white that seemed slow as well until it turned green and the flashing started to speed up. as the light began to appear quicker so did time slowly start to return to "normal". finally it went purple as time returned to how we normally perceive it and as it began flashing very quickly it finished with a burst of light leaving no trace of having ever been there. i can't speculate as to whether it moved or just disappeared because it temporarily blinded me because the flash was so bright. given that this object was maybe only 20 feet from us, and was so far outside the realm of normalcy, i was frantic telling my mom we needed to leave or call the cops or something. what was equally confounding and frightening was my mother responded with a very flat affect, as if sedated, claiming perhaps it was a power line. it was very much unlike her. i was frantic and shocked, determined to leave our home and return to my grandparents house or anything to get us away from where we were. i can only describe my reaction as panicked and very frightened. as many years have passed when i now ask my mom about it she claims she was merely trying to remain calm so that i didn't become more frightened but i think there was more to it than that. it had been clear to me that this was not any kind of earthly phenomenon, and there wasn't a technological explanation in my back yard where there was a stone wall. i didn't know anyone in the area outside of our next door neighbor so it couldn't have been kids playing a joke because there were no kids in that area to my dismay as a child/teen. i automatically assumed it was something outside our realm of understanding given that time slowed during the event. even at 12-13 i had experienced enough frightening events to be able to say this wasn't similar to how "time slows" when you say crash your bike. this was time slowing presumably by other means because it was like rah second was 5 seconds long.

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Credit: MUFON

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