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Thursday, April 20, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Louisville, Kentucky on 2015-02-23 11:11:00 - Golden light < like the sun rising , the light came straight at me , curved to my right , went inside me . visions completely changed .. patterns coming out of my eyes

Feb 23rd 2015 the lights in my outside parking lot were acting strange flashing back and fourth. my gf had me call the police . the police witnessed the phenomenon , nothing they could really do . i went down the hall took pictures because a few months back i saw a small girl standing in the middle of the hall. later to find out a small girl fell from window and died on my birthday . i took the pictures kept seeing a man with a hat , outline of a shadow figure on the door . i kept staring into photo than the photo started to change within the photo . first night was feb 23rd 2015. the photos where smeared the next morning > i was traveling and all these other beings were looking back at me . it was all translucent and clear. second i decided to do whatever i did again this time i got to the bottom and something came out . something dark . when i looked out the window there was nothing but ash falling from the sky. i called my parents thinking i might be loosing my mind. asked them to rush over , along with my gf . they everywhere inside my condo . it was like dark objects moving around so much other people in apartment could see it. we rushed to hotel . i was outside with my parents and gf and the stars were jumping allover the sky "march 15 2015" just before my 33rd birthday . the stars were coming down from the sky swarming me . they were fighting the creatures in the dark shadows . i pulled my camera out i phone 5 started taking pictures videos etc. having my phone out right in front of me was a golden light rising like the sun, than it came right at me , curved to my right , went inside my me through my eyes and dissolved in me . at the same time i took picture but had no idea truly that ii had captured until i got back into the hotel and shared with gf. the next day i walked outside the sun twitched at me twice . my dog was with me i looked over his entire coat was golden yellow. we left even further to another hotel. at this point i was stuck between two worlds. different life forms came too meet me , to see me. so much activity still happening at the hotel we decided to go home a face whatever was happening. that very next day the dark creature had moved into my friends house john . it was like amityville meets poltergeist .. it was so surreal> the creature is till here . it is very easy to get it to come out and show its self on command. for the last two years, my life has been nothing but supernatural events that will occur up to when ever this creature kills me, which is what it repeats over and over . i learned i am not to fear death. i contacted churches everywhere in my city . in the beginning worried because of what my friends home was like and what he was going through . no one would care or help. not even the churches. i fought it again myself and again the stars came down from the sky illuminating the creatures. it didn't leave > it wont leave . not until this all comes to its own end. this isn't my first encounter . its the first time i can prove it. i reached out to many churches and finally came across a priest father michael maginot< a priest from southern indiana who was recently on the news for dealing with supernatural events. so he finally came and observed himself leaving speechless from his experience with the creature . never to return . the creature is very much here. it can take over electronics, lights , cars , gets in peoples heads , makes them more anger than they should be, it whispers trying to convince people to lash out . people who cant control there emotions find themselves more susceptible to this creature. it can also go inside of people as well, like my friend john from time to time . he wakes up not knowing how he got there. my dad died on sept. 11 2015 out of nowhere . the creatures calls me, tells me repeatedly to pray for jessica . than it hangs up and young girl calls me back crying saying she lost in the dark. last thing she remembers is eating a hamburger. it goes on and on and on . my dreams are coming true . i have various dreams. the creature loves to get inside our dreams if it can. immediately even in your dream you know something isn't right you immediately wake up. usually right while its trying to mess with the me. i have more pictures and videos than you can imagine . i would very much like an investigation into the phenomenon , polygraph , witness it yourself whatever takes to get this message out. the creatures doing everything it can to stand in my way . you can contact father michael maginot yourself , to reassure you as to what he witnessed that this is not a joke or some kind of hoax. i need humanities support .... i have tons of videos that are attached to my phone > when you contact me you forward me an email i can send you everything i have .. in the center of the picture after studying it is a tetramorph. entire shape is the "ox" head which represents the "earth" , top portion is the "lion" which represents "fire", sky, the stars the heavens ,bottom portion is the "eagle" which represents the "water" on the earth, in between the earth stands the "man" in the east which represents "air" .. the stars match up with a lot of personal things in y life .Hope to talk soon . thanks robert brent.Harrod31@gmail

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Credit: MUFON

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