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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Acton, Ontario on 1992-01-12 01:15:00 - There were 3 crafts, all were triangles with red lights in each corner of the triangle

I experienced a close encounter of the first kind. big black deltas (they looked like narrow isosceles triangles) with round red lights in each of the craft's respective corners; there were three of them at a very low-level fly over, floating about 200' in a delta formation. the crafts made a slight humming (electrokinetic drive?) sound and moved very slowly. the color of craft's hulls was dark against the completely clear night sky - they looked like light black or dark gray colored hulls. we saw them for at least 2 minutes, they flew/floated/hovered right over us and then simply moved on, almost incredibly slowly it seemed. these three space crafts flew directly overhead of our position on the ground. the crafts did not stop. we watched them float/hover off into the distance. there was a local quarry in the exact vicinity and on their course, so they were probably on an evaluation mission? that was saturday jan 11th/12th early sunday morning, 1:15 am 1992. i was with 1 other friend and his dog at the time. location acton, ontario canada (north-west of toronto by 60 mins) latitude, longitude: (45.1510532655634, -79.398193359375) there was no internet or mufon that we were aware of back in the early 90s, so we kept our mouths shut and figured it was some stealth military operation. it wasn't until the onset of the internet in 1996 that i started to explore and discovered big black deltas have been seen all over the earth, that i knew it was not a domestic military operation we witnessed that early morning. i am simply curious to know if anyone else saw those 3 space crafts hovering over se acton early that extremely clear and star lit night.

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Credit: MUFON

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