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Sunday, April 9, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Mesquite, Nevada on 2017-03-19 20:17:00 - Jet fighters over city/ large wormhole appears

It was sunday afternoon i was watching tv in my living room with my daughter outside playing with friends. the sun was going down and the weather was clear and 75. the town is always quite, when i heard a loud roar outside. i went out my second floor sliding door onto the porch. there were alot of kids playing below when suddenly a fighter jet flew low over my apt building. i could see the afterburners burning a flame it was so close. i stayed outside maybe 45 mins. watching this continue with 2 fighters. the noise was so loud there were maybe 50 apt units outside now on the porch. i saw one fighter turn and fly away to the south toward nellis air base in vegas till it was gone. the other fighter reappeared maybe 10 mins later coming over the mountain, diving over the city again low then up and out of sight. i thought it was over. then i heard a neighbor next unit over yell whats that. i looked up just above the 3 story apts across from me. maybe 100 feet in the sky and there was a long tube, a bright yellow, long, maybe 60 feet, coming towards me. i could see into the end of the tube on the front but not through the yellow sides. it was round like a snake and big enough to drive a 3 story house through. as it came toward me it made a sharp u turn, like a plumbing pipe, then slowly dissipated. my guess, a large worm hole opened in the sky, then closed. it was now dark the jet was gone ha

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Credit: MUFON

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