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Saturday, April 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Moncton, New Brunswick on 2017-03-17 12:16:00 - A flotilla was above my head..,in formation,moving at a steady pace from right to left,at high noon position in the sky.

I was outside and had my digital camera in hand.I was observing the sky,and noticed a government drone,so i took 3 pics of it.Then about 10 or 12 minutes later,i was standing next to my friend,and taking pics of odd shaped clouds.I turned to my right and looked straight up,and saw a flotilla of bright white spheres against the blue sky,moving at a good steady pace in formation.I said "oh my god"!!,and put my digital camera on ,aimed it straight above my head and took a pic ! it was very sunny and i could not see anything on the screen,so i was not sure if i captured it or not.My friend said,"what are you taking a picture of"?,as she looked up,and said,"what the hell is that"? i just said,.."well,it's something". i did not want her to think i was nuts. but after i entered the building we were standing next to,i immediately checked my pictures,and to my good luck, i caught part of the flotilla.The reason i knew what i was seeing, is because i have seen videos of flotillas from mexico. there had to be hundreds of spheres in the flotilla,but unfortunately,i only caught the outer edge of the flotilla,..Which only showed maybe 20 of them. i was so glad to finally see one with my own eyes.I have had many sightings,but,this was my first flotilla ,and in the daytime too !! to be continued,i hope !! me :)

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Credit: MUFON

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