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Saturday, April 1, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Wasilla, Alaska on 2015-04-10 00:00:00 - I observed a craft that released many orbs before another craft rendezvoused with it , before both disappeared.

I was near anchorage international airport getting sun , and had my binoculars that day , as i had seen an object the previous fall from the same location. i noticed what appeared to be a star in broad daylight and looked around to see if other stars were visible. none were , so i took out the binoculars and looked around the sky for other "stars". when i realized there were none , i concentrated on the object. it was reflecting sunlight , and i was able to see that it was teardrop shaped. it appeared to be in a light brown haze , as if the atmosphere was reacting to it. it was not moving at all. suddenly , what appeared to be two parallel lines of smoke shot out of the craft , and between the lines shot out roughly 10 orbs that disappeared seconds after being released. then it happened several more times , but the orbs were shot out in different directions with each release. after about ten minutes of this , another craft the exact same size and configuration appeared from nowhere and rendezvoused with the first craft. at this time , i tried to get in a better position for viewing , as my neck and shoulders were getting stiff . when i looked again , they were gone. three days later , i went back with a camera and binoculars. while searching with binoculars , i saw a white sphere that was miles away , moving faster than any aircraft we have. it moved as if tumbling through the air. it appeared to be a sphere with a thin slice of a cube attached to it , and as i said it tumbled . it didn't seem possible that it could move that fast in such a manner. i set up a camera and i believe i have it on film. my problem is that i am a dumbass regarding electronics and don't know how to down load and examine it. the following year , i made many trips to the same location. it just so happened that on one occasion without binoculars , i was able to identify the same type of haze in roughly the same direction , and inside it was a light that i knew was a ship. there were numerous flashes of light near it and they appeared to be streaking away from the main object at high speed. it was at this time i realized that the orbs from the sighting the year before were not disappearing after being released. they were moving so fast that their image was still on my retina and merely appeared to disappear. my impression of this is that they are scientists , or students , or colonists , or tourists. whatever they are , they look at us as if we are ants they stumble across on a path in the woods.

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Credit: MUFON

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