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Sunday, April 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on 2017-04-15 20:45:00 - Bright star-like light moves slowly across sky, did a 'u' shaped dip, returned to its original path and then became smaller, turned red, and then disappeared.

I was standing outside with two other people who were finishing with recharging a dead car battery in my in-laws vehicle, when i noticed what looked to be a bright planet. at first i thought it was strange that venus was in the southern sky- it is usually in the west, but just as i realized that it was strange that the light was in the south, i noticed that it was actually moving at a slow but steady pace. i continued to watch it, waiting for the blinking lights of a plane to show up, or some other recognizable characteristic.Then the light did a strange 'u' shaped dip and then returned to its original path. i thought i may have been dizzy or maybe i moved my head, it made no sense to see a plane or helicopter make such a strange move. about a minute later, my brother and nephew had just finished with the car problem and they walked over to me to go in. my brother stood behind me asking, "what are you looking at?" and then said, "oh, it's a satellite." the three of us stood watching it travel across the sky, convinced it was a satellite, maybe a russian or some other country that goes against the grain and sends its satellites in wonky directions. and then, it began to speed up, the light quickly became smaller, the light then turned red and the size of a pin point, and then disappeared. my nephew said that the red at the end is referred to as a red shift and indicates an extremely fast acceleration. i felt the hair raise on my neck and the chills ran through my body as i realized that i had just witnessed something incredible and potentially not of this earth. as an open-minded skeptic, i am intrigued and curious about this very strange experience. it was validating to share with two others who were equally baffled. i am especially curious to know if anyone else saw this.

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Credit: MUFON

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