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Monday, April 17, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Calgary, Alberta on 1994-10-01 00:00:00 - Class 3 encounter, subclass e. 3 years old. woke to see a small humanoid walking across my bedroom floor. disappeared through window.

I did some research and as far as i can tell i had a class 3, subclass e encounter with an entity when i was 3 years old. i am guessing this would have been 1994 in calgary, alberta, but it is possible it was in 1993. -my encounter- i woke up on my left shoulder facing the interior of my room. the entity (see below) was moving across the room towards my bedroom window. i assume it was walking because of the way it was moving slightly up and down while traveling (though i did not see any legs). it was already half way across my room when i woke up. it moved very slow and when it finally made it to the window, it turned its head towards me, made eye contact and then it disappeared through the glass. i use the term disappeared very liberally because it was more of a paint brush sweep of a motion as it "traveled" out of my room. (my window was not open) i could not see a trace or anything behind the entity but that is as close of a description as i can think of. i was completely petrified the entire time this was transpiring. i laid still and peered from just above my sheet that was pulled up to my nose. in my memory i see the event lasting about 10 seconds, but traumatic events often seem longer in memory so i do not know for sure. as soon as it disappeared i jumped out of bed, opened the door and ran to the kitchen to where my parents were sitting. i remember trying desperately to describe what i saw. my parents obviously thought it was a bad dream and i remember my mom asking if i had seen the "bad wolf". i remember agreeing with her. i think that maybe i was content with her understanding there was something i saw and that seemed like a suitable description of the "bad guy" that i encountered. that is the last i can remember of the situation. it is so clearly branded into my memory. -the entity- as a small child i do not think i can give an accurate description of height but for a basic reference, the entity's body was only half visible from the stomach up. i saw arms and hands but i cannot remember their details unfortunately. it had no hair and i hate saying this but it looked like the little grey aliens often depicted in tv and movies. the major difference was the face though. it had an oval shaped head with a large round top but not as pointy of a jaw that the classic et's have. it did not have completely black eyes they were very large but more like a dogs eye. and its mouth was not small but relatively wide. this may sound stupid but i swore it sort of smiled or grinned at me before leaving. that is the perception of a small child though so i think it is entirely possible it just opened its mouth. there was no noise the entire time. it made no footsteps or any rushing sound when leaving. complete silence. so yeah that is everything i remember. it is very much branded into my memory. i can see it as if it just happened. i have never told anyone these events except my closest friends and my parents.

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Credit: MUFON

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