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Thursday, April 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Texas on 1981-12-18 13:05:00 - We took photos-they told us to!

We were at school 5th grade on the playground. so it was wild there when we moved. we heard a voice and it said take a photo now and we would do it and there is a huge plane in every photo. it's dull non-shiny and has 2 propellers and very big!!! what kinda plane is that/ and our grandmother said it's weird weird that there is a plane in every photograph at that playground! but it was wild there and we had become possessed apparently or something. the voice said take the photo now and there's always this big plane going over the playground in the pictures. we noticed the photos. just an airplane! it is this huge plane going- not too unusual in some areas but it is weird! where did it come from! it was flying over maybe going up kinda and like just as it's gong over we get a shot of it starting to go over the playground. we took the shots fast and were alone. kids were mean to us!!! !!! !!! didn't have friends there! we'd get these photos fast and they had a plane in them and we felt odd. it was odd place for a kid! so you can get mixed up. things may not be too good when they have you ironing tons and tons of laundry for example- that's crazy! so it is great that we sat the iron on the armani shirt and burnt it! i mean we did it -they didn't make us, but maybe liked it and encouraged it. but it's very strange for a kid to be there ironing like crazy and we tried to get jobs ironing. we put a sign in the window and the aliens were looking at it, too when we did!!! things like that. maybe it's just bad child psychology and everyone says 10 to 12 is adult, too so just adult psychology. it was wild there! one girl got on the see--saw and got up and when we were all the way up in the air she'd get off and we'd fall! we see now that she was being mean on purpose! she was not our friend at all. we tried to find a friend and we didn't! tried there and she lived nearby so we'd go over unfortunately. a very wild place where kids were telling dirty jokes all the time - not unusual. but they attacked us all the time the boys and men. they want a girl to be their first. we didn't wanna be any of their firsts. never no way! but we were a little kid in our mind. anyway, so they had child porn out there, too not that that makes any difference surely. our folks wanted us to marry and have a kid by 12 - it's expected and all and expected to not be shy with sex. at the same time they were at war with us and used any thing we ever said to accuse us like those kids and lock us in the house and never let us out ever. when we were over 21 we couldn't go out still! they were at war with us. they want you to go out to attack boys to get out the house forever and never come back! but they will not allow you out at all saying girls are bad no a days and you have to keep on top of htem! same thing they always said and all. anyway they do tell you they expect you to go out with men and sleep around and all but at the same time we were locked down. we could not go near any boy at all not even in our own backyard could we go out they accused us of calling boys to the back fence. so this is how everyone is and it was wild there. the man they said we were marrying hated us in fact and would not rape us he said but he'd find someone who is not a whore to sleep with for his first time. aliens saw him atacking us that time, too and didn't intervene actually. but he left and went with the girl who surely had stolen our cash and called all them guys over that night! they robbed the house further and we got robbed again of a very expensive coin collection and we had tons cash ourselves from our working and the work on the garage sale that weekend make 1k $1,000.00 usd! they also stole the x-mas money they had saved and our change jar. we kept being friends with them?! that in itself's wild and trouble going. but it was crazy in 5th grade and we moved there to the other place to get away from them people. and no one cared we were new and had no friends but we were grown up they all said coz the man lied saying we slept together and all. anyways, how can a 10 year old sleep with a man! we were a kid! but they do like to gossip, talk on sex tons and find someone to accuse of all their bad character traits. so we were that apparently which they relished no doubt the dirty talk on! coz they talked dirty all time if a kid hears it they may begin to do stuff like that. that's how people always are takes on to know one, but they didn't like us apparently. we tried to make friends or something but it's a bad idea and the man said stay away from them people! we had to drive a car at 12! it's hard and confusing and no wonder aliens were flyin down the street in flying saucers out there!!! i mean right up over it like a car drives at midnight to do cattle mutilations.

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Credit: MUFON

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