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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Huntington, West Virginia on 1966-09-15 22:30:00 - Triangle shaped craft

I would like to share an incident that happened to me. i feel a short bio on me might be of interest. born and raised in west virginia. my father was a radio operator on a b-29 during wwii. his last base of assignment was alamogordo, n.M.. he was discharged in the fall of 1945. while he wasn’t in n.M. in 1947, he did have an avid interest in astronomy and aircraft; which i inherited. as a boy my dad bought me books on the stars and universe, as well as books on aircraft. in 1969, i entered the usaf and became a aeromedical corpsman. my duty was to support flying personnel at my assigned base. our physicians were titled flight surgeons. i also flew air rescue, both in the states and overseas. i remember that i had a top secret clearance, but can’t recall a suffix. i do know that when stationed at hanscom field in bedford, ma, i had the opportunity to be part of the team that supported a u-2 crew, that had been temporarily assigned to our base. in europe, i had access to zulu alert. when assigned to minot afb, i frequently visited missile launch facilities, including the underground launch control module. as being part of an air rescue crew, i was required to be familiar with all operational aircraft, which i took very seriously. i spent 7 1/2 years in the air force. in 1966, i headed off to college at marshall university, in huntington, west virginia, living with my dad. (my mom and dad had divorced, with my mom living in oak hill, west virginia; 85 miles to the north-east of huntington.) in september, 1966, i borrowed my dad’s sports car and went out to “see the sights”. i ended up in ashland, kentucky, which is just over the border from west virginia. being that i was only 17, i couldn’t drink, so i drove around the area. i-64 links ashland and huntington. at approximately 10:00 pm, i left ashland and headed back home. when into huntington, on i-64, i took the 5th street exit, which is where my dad lived. given that i had been driving around for a couple of hours, and had drank a number of colas, i felt the urge to relieve myself. as i drove up the 5th street exit, i pulled the car over to the shoulder, parked and stepped out to take care of business. i-64 runs east to west on the south side of the city, without the glare of city lights. while standing beside the car, i glanced up to see a perfectly clear night, devoid of clouds. the stars shown brightly. as i gazed upward, my eye caught movement directly over my head. there, to my amazement, was a dark/black triangle shaped craft moving west to east moving at a very slow speed. i also noted that it was not making any sound. on its bottom surface, there were 3 non-blinking red lights. i know the object was solid, as when it moved, it block my sight of stars above it. i could not determine the altitude as i didn’t know its size. however, if it were the size of a dc-9, it would have been no more than 100 feet over my head. i watched it for maybe 20 to 30 seconds, and sat back down in the car. my feet were still outside the car and i thought to myself, that thing didn’t have any flashing lights and it wasn’t making any sound; so i immediately pulled myself back out of the car and looked skyward. nothing. the craft was gone. the time it took me to sit down and immediately stand, took no more than 5 seconds. i guesstimate that i could see at least 3 to 4 miles in all directions, yet in that amount to time, the object shot out of sight. i then drove home and told my dad of my experience. his reply was, “you saw something interesting”. the next weekend, i went to my mom’s house. my mother always fixed a sunday dinner, as she, my younger brother and i sat down to eat, she said “oh, i have a story to tell you.” last weekend, two of the ladies she worked with and my mom were driving from oak hill to charleston, with my mom driving. to get to charleston, my mom took rt.61 which passes over a series of mountains before it comes to the kanawha river where the road turns into an easy drive to charleston along the river. just as the road straighten out and the valley opened up, the lady in the passengers seat said, “look at that up in the sky.” it was on the north side of the valley, at which point, the valley, from ridge to ridge is 5 to 6 miles across. my mom glanced up to see a dark/black triangular shaped object that appeared to be stopped in the sky. after looking for only a few seconds, she looked back to the road to make sure her driving was safe, and then glanced back to the spot where she had seen the object; but it was gone. she asked the passenger where it had gone? the reply, was “...It’s on the other side of the valley.”. in the amount of time it took to look at the object, glance at the road, and back up to the object, no more than 5 seconds, the craft had moved (north to south) approximately 6 miles. the craft then sped up and in the blink of the eye, zoomed out of sight. i then told my mom of my experience, which occurred the same night. (please understand that to get from oak hill to huntington, one must go past charleston - in a west-southwest direction.)

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Credit: MUFON

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