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Monday, May 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Kirkwood, Missouri on 1965-09-10 00:00:00 - Loud repeating sound (like a chinese gong) beginning directly over house and then projected away to the se.After the apparent source of the sound faded out far away to the se, it would start over the house and then fade out to se again.

In september 1965, i was asleep on a sleeping porch on the second floor of our house. also there were my sister, my two brothers,and our dog. my parents were in their room which was accessible to the porch. i had been dreaming that my mother, my sister, and i were in a flying saucer. first we were in a holding room which was white, and there was a transparent "glass" 3d map on the wall of stars etc. then the individuals came in to get us, and i made some effort to stop them, but i was paralyzed to stop me from taking any action. they communicated telepathically. they took us one at a time to different places. then i remember that i was on my back,there was a large light right above me, and there was a circle of heads looking down at me. there was a long needle mounted in some kind of medical type machine. this instrument was extending slowly toward my left eye. i was panicked an kept telling them to stop. i do not remember what they did to me. (these men were about 5 feet tall, bald heads, skin that was the shade of a caucasian person, and normal features like ours, except their eyes were a little enlarged and seemed to be extended a little laterally as well, so that they were a little longer horizontally.) then i woke up in my bed, hearing a loud repeating noise like a chinese gong ( i heard this in the background during my dream as well.) the gong would start immediately over the house. then the apparent source of the sound moved away and would would gong over and over again, further and further away, as it was projected out to the south east. it got softer and softer, and the gongs became closer and closer together until it faded away in the distance. then it would repeat again, loudly, immediately over house, and then the sound was projected in a straight path out to the south east, gong- gong- gong etc. i wanted to take a look, but i seemed paralyzed and could not move to look. the "craft" then moved slowly to the south east for about one hundred fifty feet, and then it accelerated and was soon gone. it did not leave at some unbelievable speed, but much faster than, for instance, a helicopter could go. it was still making gong sounds as it faded away in the distance, but otherwise it made no sound. my sister was lying on her back, wide eyed and very scared. i asked her if she had seen anything, to which she answered that she had. she described a disk that was pretty small, maybe 20 feet in diameter- glowing red, and it had two lights flashing, i think yellow and green. she was 8 years old, so i am not sure that she saw anything, but she still says that she had. my mother walked out to the porch, and i asked her if she had heard the sound, and she said that it woke her up. we then went out into the back yard to see if there was anything that we might find concerning this event, but nothing seemed disturbed. i was 15 at the time. my brothers and my father were still asleep. i thought it was very interesting that only the three of us were awake (not even the dog), and yet the noise was very loud. it should have awaken anyone. we three, of course, were the ones in my dream. i do not think that we were really on a flying saucer, but it does seem strange. i never thought of reporting this, and i did not know that you could. my mother called the police, but they said that no one had reported anything. now, i just felt that some of what we experienced might parallel someone else's experience and it might be interesting.

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Credit: MUFON

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