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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Normandy, Missouri on 2017-05-14 00:00:00 - Bright blinking object traveled west then turned north. hovered for a few minutes then continued north out of sight.

Me and a fellow police officer were working a traffic detail on the above listed date and approximate time. we were taking a break during a lull in traffic when my partner told me to look into the east and pointed into the sky. we thought at first it might be an airplane because we were in the flight corridor for lambert field in st. louis. the thing that struck us though was how bright the landing lights (what we thought at the time were landing lights) were. the lights were real bright to the point where they kind of hurt your eyes when they flashed and this was broad daylight. they also had a flashing pattern of four flashes stop and four more flashes in a repetitive cycle. we both soon realized that this was not an airplane because it was not getting closer and it was not emitting engine noise. it turned to the north gradually and then stopped for several minutes. an airplane that had just taken off from lambert was traveling in that direction and we were both sure that the pilots on the plane could see it because of the bright flashes. after several minutes the object continued heading north. we watched it until we could no longer see the bright flashes. there were low wispy clouds that day on the horizon and the flash could be seen through them. one other thing that i observed was a white ball traveling from the west in a straight line to the east into the area that the flashing object was originally seen. this object was very high in altitude. i am basing this observation of watching planes that are high up in the sky. the white color of them almost seems to blend in with the blue sky when they are that high up in altitude. it was traveling fast and was not flashing. it did not make any noise nor did it have a contrail. all the jets in the sky that day had contrails behind them. it continued to head off into the same area in the east that we saw the bright object come from. i tried to point it out to my partner but it was so small and fast he could not lock his vision on to it.

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Credit: MUFON

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