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Saturday, May 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hilo, Hawaii on 2012-05-04 22:30:00 - Accidently discovered these ufo's two years later; after i filmed this while at bayfront, near the ocean, in hilo town, hawaii one evening. all to my surprise!

May 4, 2012 hilo town hawaii bayfront ocean side evening this 'sighting' was discovered on film 'two-years' after i filmed this of hilo town at night ... i was standing along the shore at bayfront, (notice: around .32-.36 marker point in the film) there are some circular 'lights' that begin to surface, make themselves 'visible' just coming 'over-top' of the tree tops, in the distance of hilo town. they start to come over the trees at the time that the sound of the semi-truck passes ... when the volume on the film gets louder ... the circular lights 'show' over the tree tops ... first kind of all clustered together as one entity/object that then sort of separates or changes its light pattern ... it keeps traveling ... forward .... going in the same direction ... nearing / closer to the nearby ocean waters ... this just 'happened' to 'catch' my eye; two years after i accidently filmed this. quite exciting for me to discover this on film ... had i know i was filming or going to catch this sight on film; i would have continued to film ... i was out enjoying the magnificent weather one evening near the ocean and the lights of the town. apparantely it was meant for me to see this, and to get it on film. as, i've encountered other sightings, experiences, etc., but either i was not 'quick' enough to 'think' to film or photograph, or actually did not realize, 'in those moments' what is was ... i spend time (probably too much time) trying to figure out what i am seeing ... however; there is some type of communication; over the years, i have discovered. as my question(s) get answered ... so interesting, so amazing. i hope i am able to upload this brief video note: what i see are four, possibly 5 (at the very beginning of visibility) ... four closely knitted together .... then, opening/separating in to the common pairs ... two two just to unique and cool for me .... aloha mahalo you can hear me saying "hilo at night!" please comment then the semi-truck passing sounds and, the "light" coming over-top of the distanct hilo town trees ! orbs lights objects energy communication

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Credit: MUFON

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