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Monday, May 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Concord, California on 2005-09-30 22:05:00 - Hovering, holographic-like slowly spinning sphere,100 ft. diameter, unknown symbols rotating around sphere, could only be seen through binoculars! witnessed by myself and 2 others.

i live in contra costa county, california and while visiting a friend in concord, ca., who lives adjacent to a small airport (buchannan field), we witnessed a very bizarre object in the sky between 10pm and 2am on september 30,2005. my friend lives in a mobile home park and she had gone outside to put out her garbage... a few minutes later she comes running back inside and grabs her binoculars and says, "come out and tell me if you see anything !",to myself and another friend. so we follow her out as she's telling us that she suddenly felt compelled to look over toward a large " hangar/ aero bldg." by the airfield, (approx. a half mile away.) she thought she saw "something" in her peripheral view as she glanced over that way...But looking straight on she saw nothing. she described what she thought she had "glimpsed" for just a moment as a "huge spinning light orb just above that building, that seemed to have a kind of electrical communication on it ". not sure if she really had seen something there, and being unable to see it as she continued to look straight on in that direction, she decided to come inside to grab both of us and her binoculars. here is where it gets truly bizarre!.....Looking over there with the binoculars it could clearly be seen! but we could see nothing with the naked eye!!! by now, two of her neighbors had come over to see what we were looking at, and they too could see exactly what we had, but only with the binoculars! here is the best description of this very bizarre thing that we all saw .....A huge spinning sphere ( appearing like a kind of hologram ) that was lit as if from below and then up its sides ( although at one point the light switched for approximately 15 minutes, as shining from above, toward the lower left quadrant, then returned to being lit from below ) it looked like a giant ( appearing from our distance away, which was approximately a half mile, to be approx. 100 ft in diameter ) holographic sphere that was hovering just above that building ( that building being along the ne side of the airport grounds ) and it seemed to be spinning slowly clockwise and vibrating, while a light source illuminated it, allowing us to either view it lit from below ( looking like the bottom bowl portion of the sphere) ,or from above the sphere and shining toward its lower left quadrant. when dialing the focus on the binoculars to look specifically on the outer edges of the sphere, you clearly could see what looked like an electrically charged stream that was filled with some sort of language/symbols ( unidentifiable to us as to it's type... completely unfamiliar to us ) travelling around the middle third of the sphere. the transparent surface of the sphere was like a very faint translucent greenish, black, and molten gold like crust that seemed to be unsmooth like with tiny craters. because it had a 3-d holographic appearance, we could see both the "surface" the symbols travelled across, as well as the inside of the far side of the sphere. it is hard to describe it much better than that. but what blew us all away was that we could see absolutely nothing with the naked eye, only with the binoculars! all together we spent almost 4 hrs. watching this thing. two of us even got in my car with the binoculars, and drove over as close as we could get to the bldg. it appeared to be hovering above, but the closest we could get was approximately 80 yds away, as we couldn't get onto the airport grounds itself. unfortunately, in this area there was far too much light, both from all around that building and many street and airport lights, as well as from the constant passing headlights from hwy. 4 that runs along that side of the airport and directly behind that building, so it was like looking at the stars when you are totally surrounded by street and city lights ,so we couldn't see it, even with the binoculars. so we drove back to report this to our friend, and discovered that from her front yard, we all could still see this thing when looking through the binoculars. my friends and i kept up the viewing until around 2 am when suddenly it just disappeared! it was as if someone had just flipped a switch and turned it off ! just like that it was gone ! have you ever heard of anything resembling this? we are mystified and want to know if this sort of phenomenon, or anything like it, has been sighted before, and if so, have there been any possible explanations for it?

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Credit: MUFON

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